Everyone has been asking us: what can we do to recall the Governor?

As we’ve pointed out many times, Ohio does not currently have a recall procedure like some other states (e.g. Wisconsin).

Could that be about to change?

State Representatives Foley and Hagan think so. They are planning to introduce legislation that would allow Ohioans to recall elected officials including the Governor and legislators.

Honestly, it seems unlikely this will ever come up for a vote given that the GOP controls both the Senate and House and the Governor’s office. But I’m still very interested to hear what they plan to propose.

Here’s the press release:


State Reps. Foley and Hagan to Hold Press Conference on Recall Legislation

COLUMBUS –State Reps. Mike Foley (D-Cleveland) and Robert F. Hagan (D-Youngstown) will hold a press conference at the Statehouse on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 to introduce legislation which would allow for Ohioans to recall statewide office holders and members of the Ohio General Assembly.

WHO: State Rep. Mike Foley
State Rep. Robert F. Hagan

WHAT: Press Conference to introduce recall legislation

WHEN: Wednesday, April 6, 2011
11:00 AM

WHERE: Ohio Statehouse
Room 113

  • Add this to the list of reasons that Mike is the Coolest Dude Ever.

  • That will go over like a lead balloon with the GOPers I am sure!! It is much needed legislation, but hey when has the GOP cared what their constituents want. They are representing special interests!!

  • Anonymous

    We can recall bad legislation in Ohio; why shouldn’t we be able to recall bad legislators?

  • Rhtmwlly

    Let’s see, what predictable liberal argument progression comes next? The ” You stole the election” argument? Spreading lies about what Senate Bil 5 does? I know, just go straight to the old stand-by of calling people racists! That always works!

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    well ,,will wonders never cease !
    I have missed sending e-mails lol
    now I can revive the effort sending e-mails to support these 2
    Listen…. what is that ?…. oh its a chorus singing “Halleluiah”

  • There is absolutely no reason to lie about SB5 (or any of the other recent Republican shenanigans) when the truth itself is so damning. Keep digging that hole…

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    I wouldnt talk of spreading lies — the private sector has been told that state employees dont pay for healthcare and the cost to them should increase to 15%
    this comes from a article from The Dispatch :
    The savings for the state – and the cost for state workers – is calculated at $191 million. State workers already pay 15 percent of health-insurance costs, so all of the estimated state-government savings comes from the elimination of step increases and longevity pay.
    so see that amount is already being paid ( you all were told they pay very little )
    and step increases are for the new employees and are over a period of time then they are “stepped out” and longevity didnt start until after a employee had been there for 5 years and then at 10 years again at 15 years and stopped at 20 years — AND longevity is a matter of a few pennys — maybe adds 5.00$ to a 2week paycheck.( they got rich on that one huh )
    and further more that increase in retirement — hahahahaa they were scheduled for that increase to take place last year !! in fact contributions were scheduled for the next several years ending at 14% — that was on the OPERS web site until these folks decided to run in all this legislation — HB 69 was written and changed it all — and guess what — they screwed themselves !!! all because they would not ask questions and talk to the people who actually know the facts .
    Now from this day forward I dont care what you have to say — and will not reply to any of your 1/2 truths ……………………

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    I just finished e-mails to both these guys — asking how we can provide support for their efforts. wish this could be on the ballot with the sb5 referendum.
    At least your rep is doing something — mine are justing collecting their pay.

  • There is absolutely no reason to lie about SB5 (or any of the other recent Republican shenanigans) when the truth itself is so damning. Keep digging that hole…

    Exactly, but ants always show up to every picnic don’t they?

  • Of course, this sort of thing SHOULD be a Teapartier’s pipe dream… I guess it’s not so much when their guys are in power.

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