The question is, though, is this an issue that will motivate voters?  I mean those of us who already dislike Mandel will seize on this, and the fact that he’s running for higher office before serving three months in the position he was just elected, as a reason to continue to dislike Mandel.  But does this “promise” breaking cost Mandel with any of his supporters?  Or with Independents?

I think a more effective knock against Mandel is here’s a guy who will say anything to win (even if that requires him to do a 180 on gay rights, for example), but who’s done nothing.  And I mean nothing.  Mandel served two terms in the Ohio House of Representatives and had virtually nothing to show for it, except for voting against making cockfighting a felony.  He also voted against HB 176, a bill that passed the House with bipartisan support that would have forbid housing and employment GLBT discrimination. I’ll cut ODP some slack that they aren’t going to come out of the gate with their hardest hit this early in the campaign.

Mandel sponsored (as opposed to the virtually meaningless act of co-sponsored) four pieces of legislation during his brief tenure in the Statehouse.  Only one ever made it out of committee.

Mandel ran a disgusting campaign against Kevin Boyce last year.  But running for Senate is different than running for Treasurer.  A Senate campaign requires more substance and provides more attention than a downticket Treasurer’s race.  Mandel is a smart and effective on the stump.  Mandel can get by only so far with slick ads featuring his family and Mandel in his military uniform.  He’ll also have to address SB 5.  Plus, Mandel is going to face a much harsher political climate in Ohio, a much better opponent, a much better funded opponent (Brown began the year with a reported $1.5 million already on hand) than Mandel has ever faced.

Will Kevin Coughlin and Ken Blackwell challenge Mandel for the primary?  It sure looks like the GOP establishment has all but decided that Mandel is their only option and is trying to clear the field for him.

  • Rgtmwlly

    Harsher political climate? Ummm…..

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    I saw him on Sunday on a public tv station –one of those congressional group questions and answer things — with journalists asking questions
    He was on with Husted –Dewine– etc
    he was asked this and said he likes his job — lol guess not as well as he said
    wasnt he asked to pull ads because of content

  • Anonymous

    I think I remember Mandel’s commercials. Didn’t he accuse his opponent of having sex (or trying to have sex, or having phone sex, or some other such deviation from “married-and-missionary”) with an abused woman he was representing in court?

    Just as my family dropped to our knees to pray for Kevin Boyce’s eternal soul … fade to Golden Boy Mandel, grinning like a chimp in his military duds.

    Seems like they ran a lot, too. Mandel must have been fairly well-funded for a down-ticket hack.

  • Anonymous

    Ken Rudin, the Political Junkie on NPR, called Mandel “green.” Personally, I see him as extremely conservative, and being strongly pushed by the far right. In an interview (see for links), Mandel said, “….I believe first and foremost in small government, free market and lowering taxes…..” Does that sound like Kasich? What does Mandel think of organized labor?

  • If that guy shows up in a “Mandel for Senate” ad wearing his uniform, I’m calling the Navy Inspector General’s Office. Because that’s a crime, even if he isn’t a Marine anymore. And he should know that.

  • CDR Jan

    Damn straight!

    And if he isn’t a Marine anymore, he is not entitled to wear the uniform.

  • Coughlin, Blackwell, and a 33-year-old. What a tremendous choice. If Sherrod can’t win that, he’s Lee Fisher.

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