Funny story…

Remember that luncheon for SB5-supporting legislators that I mentioned this afternoon?

It turns out Bryan Williams, the former state rep and current anti-union lobbyist who organized it just just got appointed to the State Board of Education.

Williams has been working as a lobbyist for the Associated Builders and Contractors. The organization, which represents non-union construction firms, opposed project labor agreements [PLAs] such as the ones used on some of Akron’s new school buildings. PLAs require contractors to pay prevailing union wages and benefits.

The Ohio School Facilities Commission, which oversees the state school construction program that shares costs with local districts, announced in February that it will no longer fund PLA projects.

That was quick.

Troughs and snouts?



  • Lucie

    And what experience does Mr. Williams have that makes him a good choice for the Board of Ed, pray tell?

  • Guest'_boy_network

    Oh, yea. Might as well put Kasich’s picture in the Wikipedia entry.

  • Jen

    Apparently the political party indicated on his voter registration card.

  • Annekarima

    One more thing about that flyer put up earlier. The address is wrong. Seems perhaps you have been duped.

  • Anonymous

    Kasich will not get away with this! Not in Ohio! Not now! Not ever! He ripped off the so called tax paying public to the tune of millions of dollars by way of Lehman Brothers. OHIO IS NOT LEHMAN BROTHERS, JOHN!

  • Scarlet Pimpernal

    Just what we need. Another know-nothing on the state board of education. Perchance Mr. Williams would like to spend a week teaching in my classroom.

  • Anonymous

    The guy is a jerk. God forgive me, but he attends my church and he was yelling during our church coffee hour after our service  (I literally could hear him across the room)  about how he “knows that it’s unnatural for people to not want to be accountable, but teachers just have to have more accountability”.  Quite frankly, I have no problem being accountable as a teacher, but how much more can we possibly be accountable???  I’m regularly evaluated, I have unfair test scores tied to my name, my website and electronic gradebook are available to parents 24/7…the list goes on…
    I wonder who he is accountable to.

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