Over at Ohio Budget Watch, we have a blockbuster post up this morning exposing a hidden provision in the Kasich administration’s budget language that rips authority from the general assembly and hands it to the executive branch. This proposal allows an unelected Kasich appointee to personally decide whether to outsource any state service without legislative authority, without competitive bidding, without guidelines or statutory expectations for how that service is to be performed, all while exempting the chosen firm (which may be a major campaign contributor) from all state and local taxes.

These are the six pages the administration hopes nobody — especially the Ohio General Assembly — reads. Let’s make sure they do.

Read the post.

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  • Whole. Leash. It.

  • Palliddh

    MY God…not theirs!

  • Anonymous

    This was a huge issue in the Wisconsin budget too. But there’s no coordination — yeah, right. Scott Walker was clearly telling the truth when he told “David Koch” that he talks to Kasich every day.

  • What is the most frustrating? How to get the useless media to report on this. If the Cincinnati Enquirer mentions it all it will be teeny paragraph buried on a back page.

  • Anonymous

    If your office/agency/division is privatized, a person loses his/her job. It is already starting in several departments. Transportation hopes to fire 500 people by privatizing their jobs.

  • Anonymous

    I sent the PD a letter to the editor asking them why they haven’t covered this provision in the budget bill, especially in light of the fact it will have a devastating impact on jobs for this state and revenue. They didn’t publish it of course.

  • Jblenkiron2004

    Dear Governor Kasich: I wish to apply as state director of highways, bridges and rail services. I will guarantee price undercutting any and all competitors in bringing the Ohio State transportation infrastructure up to date before your current budget or your tem in office expires.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    letters to the editors– ask them why their reporters are only reporting on 1/2 the story– give the editor reference to the paragraph etc– let them know you are following the whole story

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