On Thursday, Governor Kasich signed SB 5, triggering the 90-days in which to get the bill on a referendum or it becomes law.

Over the weekend, the Dispatch reports that SB 5’s opponents gathered over 3,000 signatures for the 1,000 signatures they need to initially file with the Secretary of State and Attorney General’s office as we’ve discussed this morning.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has reported the signatures were delivered late this afternoon to the Secretary of State’s office.  We’ve been told the required filings have been made with the Ohio Attorney General’s office.

Just two business days after Kasich signed SB 5, We Are Ohio was able to collect more than enough signatures to start the referendum process.  Now we wait the ten business days to see if Secretary of State Husted will certify at least 1,000 valid signatures and if Attorney General DeWine will certify the proposed summary.


In the end, John Kasich is one signature in favor with 3,000 against.  I like those odds already.

  • Freddavisretail

    Let me guess, you were one of the people who said putting crosshairs over congressional seats was violent, vitriolic gunplay.

  • will

    Aw, cute.

    1) It’s nice to see how outraged you can get about hypothetical hypocrisy. You don’t *know* what his position was, so why assume?
    2) Big difference between a crosshair over a cartoon piece of paper and one directed at specific *human beings.* If you can’t see that over your partisan hypothetical hypocrisy fantasy, then that’s pretty sick. (But I’m sure Bill will get a protective detail, even if he’s only a bill)
    3) Some of us actually do think the graphic is distasteful — but you don’t care if its distasteful, you just care about provin’ them libruls is dum!!

  • Annekarima

    Forget the crosshairs. If it was a red dot of laser light in the middle of “bill’s” forehead then you might have a “leg” to stand on.

  • clambake

    Did you like the story in the Dispatch about the emails for or against SB5 It ran like 84-16% (out of some 5000 emails) opposed, yet (I suppose in the name of “balance”)when they printed sample emails, they made the ratio 50-50. Nice. Very representative.

  • Guest

    Agreed, thanks for the info. Kill the bill! Stop Kasuck and evil ALEC plans for American domination thru their Rethug employees.

  • Sluggo

    Yes, and cartoon bills everywhere are beefing up their security detail.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a fucking cartoon, moron.

  • Natasha

    Look closely nit pickers.
    Cartoon Bill has his hands, more like grubby paws, on the “gunsight” reticle’s crosshairs. It looks to me like it is just portraying Bill trying to line up and focus his beady little eyes on another target.

    The bill clearly targets, law enforcement officers, teachers, Ohio’s kids, local governments, Ohio’s environment. Or it could be the bill is targeting which beneficiary of its shameful processes for more campaign contributions and privatization cash that will soon be flowing to Johnny K’s buddies.

    Either way it’s Kasich’s “Bill” aiming the guns of big government at the “little people” to destroy Ohio, particularly its economy and diverse culture.

  • Muffet

    I will say I shared it on Facebook without a thumbnail. I don’t even like the cartoon image.

  • Gee, I thought it was merely a surveyor’s mark.

  • Gee, I thought it was merely a surveyor’s mark.

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