I’m starting to wonder if we work for them.

Here’s the panel discussion on Hardball yesterday after ODP Chairman Chris Redfern

Since Hardball apparently decided to cut Redfern’s interview off the portion they put on the Internet, here’s the Hardball segment the day before with Senator Sherrod Brown.   (Note: the discussion about the impact this has in Ohio with what used to be called the “Reagan Democrats”)

Here’s former House Speaker/current House Minority Leader Armond Buddish on Maddow last night:

Plunderbund…. we’re like TiVo for Ohio progressives (‘specially if you mention us on air…. hint, hint.)

[UPDATE:] And here’s Senator Nina Turner (D-Cleveland) on “The Ed Show” earlier this week, too.  Maybe MSNBC is seeking to replace ONN?

  • Guest

    Awesome, good for you. Someone has to do real journalism in Ohio. It ain’t the “newspapers”.

  • As more time passes, we will rely less and less on traditional media for our news. They just don’t seem to actually have any anymore. Thanks for being here, PB.

  • tshaw1

    Good for you guys… I’ve personally sent Big Ed links to your site at least a dozen times… keep up the great work, I’m a huge FAN!!

  • Anonymous

    Good work Squire, good work.

  • I appreciate your coverage, fellas. Thanks.

  • Wonderful! I beam just a little bit whenever I hear Plunderbund mentioned on-air. And I give you guys a plug every time I’m on air (warning: plug ahead: Progressive Blend Radio!), because just about everybody talking about Ohio politics sources Plunderbund.

    How could we not?

  • paula garfield teacher


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