The second King John finishes signing his name to SB 5 starts the time in which we can begin to work to repeal it.  However, I ask from you for some patience.   Right now, there is effort to get all the stakeholders unified into one cohesive group… that’s not an easy task.  We don’t want six separate referendum efforts going on.  So right now, the labor unions, activists, and the Ohio Democratic Party are all working out their respective roles.  There is a cornucopia of interested parties, all of which have differing opinions and 

Second, before there can be a referendum the stakeholders have to work out what the language will be of the referendum.  Will it be a total repeal, or will they let some provisions stand?  We don’t know yet.

Then, they need to grow a bank of volunteers who are ready to hit the streets to get nearly a quarter of a million signatures in a few months time.   It’s no easy task.

So what can you do in the meantime:

  1. Keep April 9th open on your calendars (just trust me on this one.)
  2. Sign up now to help the referendum effort.  I’m aware of two places doing a sign-up already: the SEIU and the Ohio Democratic Party.  Take your pick.
  3. Remember what I said about patience and wait.
  4. Hit the streets when you’re giving the petition to circulate.
  5. And keep coming to this site for more information.

Are you ready?

Getting the bill to Kasich’s desk was supposed to be the easy part.   We almost stopped it, despite all the political advantages in Kasich’s favor.  Now, it’s our turn.

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