Kasich’s budget keeps getting hits in the State media over education funding.  Gone is any more consideration of Kasich’s entirely false claim that he was “boosting” state funding.  But on top of that, today, Kasich released another document showing his war on teacher’s union doesn’t begin and end with SB 5.

Today, the Columbus Dispatch writes about the sucker punch that is Kasich’s tax reimbursement raids on schools.   You see that small video we’ve had off the right that compares Kasich’s ads to his budget?  Yeah, it’s wrong.  We understated how much Kasich is cutting funding for the Columbus City School District… by $3 million.  The Dispatch has a district by district breakdown of how Kasich’s budget impacts the surrounding county school districts.

It was enough to lead to this editorial  cartoon in today’s Dispatch:


The Cleveland Plain Dealer today released their own one-stop school funding document that shows a district-by-district breakdown on the impact of Kasich’s budget.

Today, Governor Kasich finally released the promised fifth book concerning the State budget called the “Reform Book.”  Although this book isn’t required by statute and is largely self-promotional, it provides an easier to digest summary of the budget than pouring through the statutory language… that Kasich didn’t release until two days ago. 

You have to wonder if Kasich intentionally withheld the release of this book until the debate on SB 5 was over in the General Assembly.  On page 9 of the book, the Kasich Administration talks about creating “Innovation Schools” and “Innovation School Districts.”  What are those?


Why a way to let schools cancel out their collective bargaining agreements, of course!  How… innovative.

Then on page 14, regarding school choice, the Administration announces another change:


This on top of Kasich’s banning of the payment of the prevailing wage in university contracts and any construction funded, in part, by an Ohio Department of Development grant… oh, and then there’s his charter university proposal, too.

Nope, no war on unions here!

In the end, Kasich’s budget continues to contradict his rhetoric the more and more we learn about it.  He cares more about keeping union school teachers out of classrooms than he does putting more money into them.  It’s just that simple.

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