Back in early March Kasich told Gongwer that SB5 wasn’t political and it wasn’t an attack on unions. He also said he respected unions so much that he wouldn’t hold a ceremonial bill signing if the bill was passed by the General Assembly.

Gov. Kasich said he didn’t anticipate holding a ceremonial bill signing event for the contentious proposal.

“This is hard for people and anything that’s hard – I want to be respectful of other people’s feelings their thoughts and their emotions,” he said.

We’ve know for awhile that the first two statements are obviously lies: this bill is absolutely political and its only purpose is to break public sector unions. It turns out the third statement was a lie too.

John Kasich announced this afternoon that he IS holding a ceremonial bill signing for SB5 live, and he’s broadcasting it live on ONN at 7PM tonight.

Not only does Kasich not respect unions enough to keep his original promise, but he’s rubbing salt in their still fresh wounds by broadcasting it live on TV.