I just got a fundraising email from the Kasich campaign (again, is he running for something???) announcing Kasich wouldn’t be waiting until tomorrow to sign the bill as planned, but instead would be signing it today.

In the email he proudly declares the bill “strips power from the union leaders”.

He might as well have just written: “Hey ya’all, I just screwed the unions! Send me $20! XOXO, Johnny.”

Kasich and his team once again prove they have no class, no tact and, it appears, no limits to what they’ll use as a fundraising opportunity. They also seem to have lost all sense of the difference between campaigning and governing.

Here’s the full text:

Last evening was a victory for Ohio taxpayers.

The General Assembly passed Senate Bill 5 and local governments will now have more tools to control their budgets and provide better services to you at a lower cost.

I will sign Senate Bill 5 today.

But this is just one step towards fixing our state and making the necessary reforms to bring jobs to Ohio.

Will you support our ongoing efforts to fight for Ohio taxpayers with a $20, $10 or even $5 contribution today and help us continue to return the balance of power?

There is a reason that the union bosses opposed these changes; because it strips power from the union leaders and returns it to the taxpayers and workers. But make no mistake; we are fighting to save Ohio and need your help.

The nation is watching us in Ohio and we will provide the leadership necessary to become a job creating state and serve as a model for the rest of America.

Thank you again for your continued support.


John Kasich
Governor of Ohio

P.S. Please forward this email to 10 of your friends so they know we are fighting to empower the taxpayers and create jobs in Ohio.