Saw that there was some interest in the comments as to what Speaker Batchelder was picked up saying on the microphone near the end of the session.  Whatever you may have thought Speaker Batchelder said, we’ve learn the truth is much worse.

For your benefit, here’s the clip cued right at the moment in question.  It’s hard to hear, but here’s exactly what Speaker Batchelder said:

“Well, she may, or she may not goddamn get it.”

Debbie PhillipsYou’ll notice that Batchelder is talking to one of the House clerks while looking over to his left while he says it.  We’ve confirmed with a House source that the clerk was informing Speaker Batchelder that House Assistant Minority Whip Debbie Phillips (D-Athens) wanted to make a parliamentary point of personal privilege.

In other words, she wanted to assert her personal right as a Member of the House to honor someone who had died, particularly someone who died today.

Representative Phillips wanted to honor the memory of Bill Sams, the Council 8 Regional Director for AFSCME and President of the Southeastern Ohio AFL-CIO.  A former lawyer, a husband, father, and grandfather.  Bill Sams had just been at the SB 5 protests the day before at the Statehouse.  He would have been there today except he died.

That’s what Speaker Batchelder was cursing about.

I told you it was worse than you imagined.

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