From the daily archives: Thursday, March 31, 2011

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You might recall that while some were challenging the constitutional eligibility of former Kasich Ohio Department of Development Director Mark Kvamme to serve in Kasich’s Cabinet, we also suggested that the same constitutional prohibition applied to Kasich’s appointment to head the Ohio EPA, former Indiana state official Scott Nally.

Today, the Associated Press concluded that the Kasich Administration’s legal counsel apparently concluded we were correct:

Gov. John Kasich withdrew paperwork nominating an EPA director from out of state and resubmitted it after the man registered as an Ohio voter, according to state records […]

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Earlier this month, John Kasich talked to the media on how he’d handle a bill signing for SB 5.   Today, he violated just about everything he said.

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Back in early March Kasich told Gongwer that SB5 wasn’t political and it wasn’t an attack on unions. He also said he respected unions so much that he wouldn’t hold a ceremonial bill signing if the bill was passed by the General Assembly.

Gov. Kasich said he didn’t anticipate holding a ceremonial bill signing event for the contentious proposal.

“This is hard for people and anything that’s hard – I want to be respectful of other people’s feelings their thoughts and their emotions,” he said.

We’ve know for awhile that the first two statements are obviously lies: this bill is […]

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The second King John finishes signing his name to SB 5 starts the time in which we can begin to work to repeal it.  However, I ask from you for some patience.   Right now, there is effort to get all the stakeholders unified into one cohesive group… that’s not an easy task.  We don’t want six separate referendum efforts going on.  So right now, the labor unions, activists, and the Ohio Democratic Party are all working out their respective roles.  There is a cornucopia of interested parties, all of which have differing opinions and 

Second, before there can be […]

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I missed this editorial in the normally conservative Canton Repository from a few days back.  The Repository is one of the Ohio newspapers that endorsed Kasich.  Here’s what they had to say on Tuesday:

Extreme bill invites extreme reaction

The last-minute changes are reason enough for both the committee and the full House to delay their votes. Here’s another reason: If the bill continues to look like union-busting instead of a response to Ohio’s budget troubles — by forbidding strikes by all Ohio public employees, for example — then look out for a backlash in November that could […]

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Kasich’s budget keeps getting hits in the State media over education funding.  Gone is any more consideration of Kasich’s entirely false claim that he was “boosting” state funding.  But on top of that, today, Kasich released another document showing his war on teacher’s union doesn’t begin and end with SB 5.

Today, the Columbus Dispatch writes about the sucker punch that is Kasich’s tax reimbursement raids on schools.   You see that small video we’ve had off the right that compares Kasich’s ads to his budget?  Yeah, it’s wrong.  We understated how much Kasich is cutting funding for the Columbus […]

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I just got a fundraising email from the Kasich campaign (again, is he running for something???) announcing Kasich wouldn’t be waiting until tomorrow to sign the bill as planned, but instead would be signing it today.

In the email he proudly declares the bill “strips power from the union leaders”.

He might as well have just written: “Hey ya’all, I just screwed the unions! Send me $20! XOXO, Johnny.”

Kasich and his team once again prove they have no class, no tact and, it appears, no limits to what they’ll use as a fundraising opportunity. They also seem to have […]

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Tim Pawlenty is engaging in that time honored tradition of a GOP presidential candidate.   No, I don’t mean just hitting the cable news circuit, writing a book nobody will remember two years from now, and hitting the rubber chicken dinner circuit.   I mean the rite of passage in which reasonable and otherwise moderate Republicans self-flog themselves over the reasonable and moderate positions they held before running.

Pawlenty has already tried to explain his past public support for cap-and-trade, something even U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) at one time publicly supported.  And by explain, I mean tell conservatives he was […]

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Saw that there was some interest in the comments as to what Speaker Batchelder was picked up saying on the microphone near the end of the session.  Whatever you may have thought Speaker Batchelder said, we’ve learn the truth is much worse.

For your benefit, here’s the clip cued right at the moment in question.  It’s hard to hear, but here’s exactly what Speaker Batchelder said:

“Well, she may, or she may not goddamn get it.”

You’ll notice that Batchelder is talking to one of the House clerks while looking over to his left while he says it.  […]

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