That means five GOP members of the House voted No on SB 5.  I know that freshman Terry Johnson (R-Portsmouth) had announced earlier he would vote no.  John Carey was another expected no vote.

Marc Kovac of Dix Newspapers and Ohio Capital Blog is reporting that the five GOP no votes were:   Carey, Gardner, Johnson, Kozlowski and McGregor.

Waiting for the Senate to go into session for concurrence vote on House changes.  After a delay for a movie night with Kasich and a Republican Senator’s fundraiser, the Senate went into session to consider the House’s changes.  With the exception of the sponsor testimony by SB 5 not a single proponent of SB 5 spoke.  After roughly an hour and twenty minutes of bipartisan opponent speeches, the Senate concurred to the House amendments by the same 17-16 vote it passed the bill.

Reaction from Ohio AFL-CIO President Bill Burga:

The Ohio State House of Representatives took a huge step in the wrong direction for Ohio’s future today.  Republican Representatives decided to ignore the overwhelming majority of Ohioans who see this as a blatant attack on the rights of working families.

The amended version of this bill does not fool anyone.  Nothing about this bill is better because it only destroys good jobs, tears down our local economies and endangers public safety for all of us.  And it is worse than the Senate version of the bill because it goes further in gutting the rights of workers and dismantles the ability of unions to serve as a check on corporate power.

Instead of investing in our hard hit communities – which are going to be struggling even more if Gov. Kasich’s proposed budget passes – and creating jobs, Kasich and his political allies are using Senate Bill 5 to further a partisan political agenda and Ohio working families are paying the price.  These lawmakers should not exploit our economic recovery just to undermine working people’s protections and their unions.

But working families understand this is only the beginning of our fight to save Ohio’s middle class.  Kasich and his political allies have unwittingly created a movement of Ohioans who want a society that works for all, not just the rich and big business.  Ohio’s working families will build on this momentum and are already organizing together for a citizens’ veto, so we can restore the balance that is needed to stop the rising tide of corporate greed and the influence of big business in politics.

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