On the eve of the vote on SB 5, the House Republicans just held a press conference in which they played this video produced by Governor Kasich’s office.  As evidence of how popular this bill is with local governments, they highlighted a video featuring three local government officials:

Cuyahoga Falls Mayor Don Robart called for the elimination of all collective bargaining rights for public workers in his State of the City address in 2009.

Greg Hartmann was the Republican nominee for Secretary of State in 2006, and who supposedly still has statewide ambitions.

And Toledo Mayor Mike Bell (I), who was narrowly elected and first took office just last year.

Counter that to this story in Sunday’s Columbus Dispatch as to whether SB 5 is providing local governments with flexibility to deal with Kasich’s massive budget cuts:

And Kasich’s suggestion that there are savings to be had from proposed changes in collective-bargaining rules for public employees is little solace to most townships, [Matthew DeTemple, executive director of the Ohio Township Association] said. Fewer than 100 of the state’s 1,300 townships are big enough to engage in collective bargaining, he said.

"We’re concerned about where this is headed," DeTemple added.

I’d take the word of the executive director of the Ohio Township Association over an anti-labor zealot and an ambitious failed GOP statewide candidate who’s whoring for his party’s Governor in the hopes it earns him political capital to be given another chance to run statewide again.

[UPDATE:] One of our readers on Facebook noted that the Toledo City Council voted to oppose SB 5.

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