Well, Kevin Coughlin’s campaign website has been updated.  It’s now saying Kevin Couglin, Office.

Is he looking to replace Michael Scott on “The Office?”  Because Will Ferrell already got that gig.

Nothing says, I’m totally excited about this race… whatever office I’m running for than [CANDIDATE NAME] [OFFICE].

I’m sure the recent update has nothing to do with his pimping of this blog post on the conservative website RedState pimping him as a potential challenger to Sherrod Brown next year.

Which, I’m sure, had nothing to do with the mysterious press release in which former Tea Party Auditor candidate Seth Morgan and other Ohio marquee social conservatives lent their name to a “draft” Josh Mandel for Senate “movement”—coming only one week after Mandel all but told the Dispatch he was leaning towards running.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I need to remind people that I was an attorney who sued Senator Coughlin.)

What a farce.