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Can’t make this up…

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Why is the Senate not in session yet to vote for SB 5?

First, we thought it was because we thought they were waiting for the union chanting and singing to stop.

Turns out Senator Chris Widener (R-Springfield)  had a fundraiser scheduled tonight, and at least one Senator is attending Governor Kasich’s showing of the pro-charter propaganda film “Waiting for Superman.”  Senate Minority Leader Capri Cafaro (D) said in the chamber to the pro-union crowd that she expects session to start at 8 p.m. tonight.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried.  The Senate is in recess for a […]

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That means five GOP members of the House voted No on SB 5.  I know that freshman Terry Johnson (R-Portsmouth) had announced earlier he would vote no.  John Carey was another expected no vote.

Marc Kovac of Dix Newspapers and Ohio Capital Blog is reporting that the five GOP no votes were:   Carey, Gardner, Johnson, Kozlowski and McGregor.

Waiting for the Senate to go into session for concurrence vote on House changes.  After a delay for a movie night with Kasich and a Republican Senator’s fundraiser, the Senate went into session to consider the House’s changes.  With the exception of […]

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Catherine Candisky is reporting that Lynn Wachtmann’s “heartbeat bill” (HB125) – the one that “outlaws abortions if a fetal heartbeat can be medically detected” – is likely to be voted out of committee today by one vote.

Catherine confirms that the even the bill’s supporters know it’s unconstitutional:

Supporters and opponents of the bill agreed the bill was unconstitutional and likely to be struck down by the courts.

Before voting to support the bill, Rep. Todd McKenney, a lawyer from New Franklin, said he did not think the legislation was constitutional, but he was willing to try and […]

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Well, Kevin Coughlin’s campaign website has been updated.  It’s now saying Kevin Couglin, Office.

Is he looking to replace Michael Scott on “The Office?”  Because Will Ferrell already got that gig.

Nothing says, I’m totally excited about this race… whatever office I’m running for than [CANDIDATE NAME] [OFFICE].

I’m sure the recent update has nothing to do with his pimping of this blog post on the conservative website RedState pimping him as a potential challenger to Sherrod Brown next year.

Which, I’m sure, had nothing to do with the mysterious press release in which former Tea […]

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On the eve of the vote on SB 5, the House Republicans just held a press conference in which they played this video produced by Governor Kasich’s office.  As evidence of how popular this bill is with local governments, they highlighted a video featuring three local government officials:

Cuyahoga Falls Mayor Don Robart called for the elimination of all collective bargaining rights for public workers in his State of the City address in 2009.

Greg Hartmann was the Republican nominee for Secretary of State in 2006, and who supposedly still has statewide ambitions.

And Toledo Mayor […]

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“Education, K-12 and post-secondary, of course it’s critical to our economic future. But I want to tell you, more choice, more accountability, more dollars in the classroom instead of bureaucracy will improve our schools, and we are going to have a significant reform agenda. . .”—Governor John Kasich, State of State address

Does Kasich’s budget do that?

Yesterday, knowing that the media would be focused on the latest developments on SB 5, the Kasich Administration did a massive budgetary document dump finally releasing both the statutory language of the entire budget and more accurate […]

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