Notice that a big Kasich fan was sending this post around on Twitter:

John Kasich: Earth’s Mightiest Governor (on Comics and Conservatism)

But the key metric to any Governor is jobs. Kasich will be most judged by how many jobs, whether directly or indirectly related to his policies, have been created under his watch. This is where most on our side say that lower taxes help create jobs, and belief that Kasich believes. His lower taxes is bringing a major motion picture (and the jobs that come with it) to Cleveland…

And all because Ohio’s taxes were lower than Michigan’s. As Stan “The Man” Lee would say, “’Nuff said.”

AboutToFAILThen he had to correct his post (which the Kasich fan overlooked):image In other words, the sole achievement I was praising Kasich for was actually not a result of Kasich’s policies, but Ted Strickland.  In fact, Kasich’s role in bring the Avengers was minor.  The actual majority of the work was done by the Cleveland Film Office.  All Kasich’s office did was sign off awarding a State film tax credit… that the Cleveland office applied for, nothing more.

Not even conservative bloggers can ignore that Kasich is trying to take credit for things Ted Strickland actually was responsible.


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