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Notice that a big Kasich fan was sending this post around on Twitter:

John Kasich: Earth’s Mightiest Governor (on Comics and Conservatism)

But the key metric to any Governor is jobs. Kasich will be most judged by how many jobs, whether directly or indirectly related to his policies, have been created under his watch. This is where most on our side say that lower taxes help create jobs, and belief that Kasich believes. His lower taxes is bringing a major motion picture (and the jobs that come with it) to Cleveland…

And all because Ohio’s taxes were […]

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It should be noted that unlike the Senate, the bill passed the House committee on a strict party-line vote.  One of the Republican members of the committee is House freshman Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson), who narrowly beat incumbent (and then freshman) Mike Moran by roughly three percentage points last fall—one of many House Democratic incumbents who had previously easily won election in the seat just the term prior..  Roegner is a Tea Party Republican who ran on a far-right agenda in a low turnout election.

Given that the district swung back and forth between parties over the last three […]

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 The challenging economic environment has always meant a tough budget balancing act for the Governor and his policy makers.  Ohio is dealing with a projected $8 billion shortfall, which is the context for the administration’s mathematical acrobatics. 

Both the Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio are funded through assessments paid by utilities, not funded through the state’s general revenue fund (In other words, not funded by taxpayer dollars).  The cuts then do not directly save taxpayer funds.

Theoretically, if the fees on utilities are lessened, then those savings could be passed […]

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I have to admit I really thought the Republicans in the House would end up making some real changes to SB5 in an attempt to mollify the public safety unions. Nothing looks worse for Republicans than having a bunch of tough-looking police officers and fire fighters marching on the Statehouse with their drums and bagpipes blasting.

The teachers are certainly the loudest protesters and I’d argue they make the best (and most grammatically correct) signs – but when it comes down to images politicians absolutely don’t want to see on TV, it’s got to be a bunch of red-blooded […]

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With reports coming out that the House version of SB 5 does nothing to fix the parts of the bill that opponents dislike, and in fact adds some clearly political restrictions on how unions can collect money that could potentially make it even less popular among Senate members, one might wonder what they’re thinking. Modern, in his piece linked to above, offers the opinion that eliminating voluntary payroll deductions for union PACs is a “nuclear” issue, and that the referendum vote will be easier for SB 5 opponents with this version than with the last version.

I disagree.

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LSC Analysis of Changes to SB5

On March 29, 2011 By

Here’s the LSC summary of the changes being proposed to SB5. Brian’s post this morning described most of these changes already. But I thought the full analysis was still worth posting.

More analysis coming soon. Headed back over to the Statehouse…

Sb5 Lsc Analysis

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In today’s Columbus Dispatch:

"I and several of my fellow colleagues are in favor of a right-to-work state. Unfortunately, that’s not what this bill does, but it sets the framework for conversations later on."-  House Commerce and Labor Chairman Joe Uecker (R-Loveland)

Chairman Uecker finally admitted what the Republicans have long denied, that SB 5 is not about the State budget, it’s not about giving local government more flexibility, it’s about setting the stage to end organized labor in Ohio entirely.  And this comes from Joe Uecker, a former police officer.

A political gaffe has been said to be […]

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