“There’s a silent majority out there [supporting the legislation], I believe."- State Senator Kevin Bacon

[Source: Wall Street Journal, March 26, 2011]

So silent that they apparently weren’t picked up by the latest Quinnipiac and PPP polls.  Seriously, absent a poll from an outfit that begins with an R and rhymes with Assmussen, this would be the most silent invisible majority in the history of public polling.

In case Chairman Bacon has forgotten, the ONLY reason Kasich would be polling this bad is due to opposition to SB 5.  Only one poll came out after Kasich’s budget was released, and that was Quinnipiac.  There hasn’t been any polling data—none—to suggest that there is a “silent majority” who supports SB 5.

Zombie GOP As this article on Wikipedia notes, before Nixon used the phrase in 1969 in his speech to the nation as to why he was escalating the Vietnam War he campaigned to end, the phrase had a much different political meaning.  During the 19th century the phrase “silent majority” was a euphemism for “the dead.”

So maybe Bacon meant it that way.  I mean, after all, all the polling so far has only polled live people.

What’s the word for people who believe in the existence of alternative reality as being real and one that is factually based and objectively observable as being unreal.   Oh, yeah… delusional, that’s the word.

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  • Fotogirlcb2002

    This is a head game — Bacon figures if they can convince us theres more support than opposition then we will give up–
    uh…. not hardly the more they play games the more I want to tear up the game board and “replace ” the game pieces…..
    new game pieces will be available come May and Nov. along with a new game board and new rules ! called Operation Lie Detectors
    game pieces will be 4 men in dunce hats ( Kasich,Walker,Daniels, Christie)
    instead of money — IOU’s in different amounts– object of the game
    who can tell the biggest lies and steal the most IOU’s
    only problem –game will end in tie always —

  • Anonymous

    Kevin Bacon believes in 6 degrees of separation – hoping that someone out there agrees with him.

  • Anonymous

    If the dead do arise to vote, then we will need to thank the republicans for the tougher voter fraud laws!

  • Tarfam325

    Delusional narcissists, to be exact! Just because you “believe it”, Senator Bacon, does not make it true. It just makes me wonder why people will fall for this stuff. When everything comes out and people realize Governor Kasich and the legislators who support SB5 are hijacking a fund that has been protected since 1935 to ROB localities of funds that have been designated for their schools and safety services and that THIS is the actual reason behind SB5 and NOT the “union busting” tag these legislators have placed on it, they WILL be outraged! Because life as they know it will cease to exist. NOT ONE of these legislators who are supporting this bill will be re-elected by this supposed “silent majority”. So good luck with your delusions, Senator Bacon. We WON’T be seeing any more of you in 4 years!

  • CDR Jan

    The Ohio GOP – party of the living dead

  • Annekarima

    That is why they call it “the Grand OLD Party”.

  • Tpiteo65

    Bacon must be fried. Maybe the GOP needs to do drug testing on themselves for all the special kool-aid they keep drinking.

  • Anonymous

    I doubt you were ever silent. But you still aren’t the majority.

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