From the daily archives: Monday, March 28, 2011

Remember Red Herring from the short-lived “A Pup Called Scooby-Doo” cartoon series –  the red-headed bully that Freddie mistakenly blamed for all the mishap?

Red Herring has been recast in Governor Kasich’s first budget as a small consumer call center located in the scruffy consumer agency that is at times considered a thorn in the side of Ohio’s utilities – the Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel

The thirty-five-year-old agency will sustain a 51 percent budget cut should Kasich’s budget proposal be passed, or $4.1 million, impacting the agency’s ability to intervene in the variety of utility legal […]

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“There’s a silent majority out there [supporting the legislation], I believe."- State Senator Kevin Bacon

[Source: Wall Street Journal, March 26, 2011]

So silent that they apparently weren’t picked up by the latest Quinnipiac and PPP polls.  Seriously, absent a poll from an outfit that begins with an R and rhymes with Assmussen, this would be the most silent invisible majority in the history of public polling.

In case Chairman Bacon has forgotten, the ONLY reason Kasich would be polling this bad is due to opposition to SB 5.  Only one poll came out after Kasich’s budget […]

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Thirty-five years ago, the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel was born, the product of legislation introduced by a fresh-faced State Representative named Sherrod Brown, to represent customers of public utilities in Ohio and give them a voice against powerful interests.

Today, that agency is threatened by budget cuts and proposed changes to its mission which would limit the ability of the agency to fight for fairness for Ohio consumers.

This isn’t the story of insiders, bureaucratic malaise, or politics at its worst. It is a story of David versus Goliath, and an example of the philosophical differences raging in the Ohio capital […]

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Back home in Scioto County, over 500 people showed up to protest Governor Kasich’s budget that calls for the closure of the Department of Youth Services facility there and the over 300 jobs in an area known for high unemployment and crushing levels of poverty already.

According to the Portsmouth Daily Times (disclosure: whom I used to work for), freshman GOP State Representative Terry Johnson was the only elected Republican to appear at the rally.  Senate President Niehaus, who represents the folks who live and work at the facility did not attend nor send anyone to represent him.  Nor […]

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Alan Johnson sent this tweet from the Kasich presser this morning:

Kasich’s statement is laughable given the history of phone-related failures in his own office…

When Kasich redesigned the Governor’s website he intentionally left off any contact information – including email addresses and phone numbers.


When we found the number for the Governor’s office and called, no one answered. For days the phones when straight to voicemail.


Eventually calls stopped going to voice mail, a sure sign the voice mailbox filled up.


And during the Statehouse lockout, people […]

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In August 21, 2009, the Columbus Dispatch reported that the Strickland Administration had balanced the State’s budget by “raiding” what are called “rotary” funds that provide assistance for the blind and organ transplants.  Buried in the story was that the State budget contained statutory authorization to allow such transfers.  Omitted entirely until later coverage was the fact that this was a very common practice that prior Administrations had done with no controversy.

Of course, the anti-Strickland right pounced and none more quickly than Jon Keeling at Third Base Politics.  Keeling, who eventually was quietly put on the Ohio […]

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An obvious fan of the site and Denis Leary yesterday just released this video on YouTube.  Definitely don’t have this blaring on your office computer speakers though.

I’m kind of ashamed we didn’t think of this first.

Excuse me while I mop up the coffee I just spit on my screen watching this.

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