Start clearing your Tuesday morning calendar now.  The House Republicans just announced that they are scheduling SB 5 for amendments and a possible committee vote on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. in Room 114 of the Statehouse (the House Commerce and Labor Committee).

The Dispatch is reporting that a final product is not yet ready and that the Republicans will continue to work on the bill over the weekend, but they suspect that some of the changes will be liked by organized labor.  Of course, they won’t even hint at what those changes might be.

I’ll be surprised, and frankly, a little disappointed if the House Commerce and Labor Committee actually votes on the bill on Tuesday.  Even the Senate Committee gave members 24-hours to review the bill and to take some questions about the changes before holding a committee vote.

If they give it that kind of delay, I guess that means the Committee could approve it Wednesday morning vote with a House floor vote that afternoon.  The Senate would probably not be able to hold its vote to confirm the House’s changes to the bill (avoiding sending the bill to a conference committee) by Thursday afternoon session.  Kasich, if he keeps to his word, will hold a private bill signing “ceremony” to sign the bill into law.  Then the referendum work can begin.

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