Modern wrote two pieces this morning highlight how Kasich lied about his plans for school consolidation and how he is is lying about the impact of school funding in his budget.

Innovation Ohio just put out a report that not only proves Kasich’s numbers were a lie, but also provides proof that the Kasich administration flat out lied to Ohio’s news media when they requested these numbers.

According to the numbers Kasich put out, “400 of Ohio’s 613 school districts would receive funding increases in FY 2012 and 2013.” But based on the numbers in the document that was leaked to Innovation Ohio “the Administration’s internal documents show that 610 districts would receive cuts in FY 2012 and 599 would receive cuts in FY 2013, compared to FY 2011.”

According to Innovation Ohio the “Administration has previously told reporters asking for this information that the so-called ‘runs’ either did not exist or were not available” and they “were deliberately withheld from the news media.”

That claim is backed up by a statement in Jim Siegel and Charlie Boss’s very good school funding article in the Dispatch this morning: “The administration said it did not have district numbers available for reimbursement losses.”

For the record, this isn’t the first time Kasich’s people have lied about the existence of a document in response to a public records request. And I am absolutely sure it won’t be the last.