Modern wrote two pieces this morning highlight how Kasich lied about his plans for school consolidation and how he is is lying about the impact of school funding in his budget.

Innovation Ohio just put out a report that not only proves Kasich’s numbers were a lie, but also provides proof that the Kasich administration flat out lied to Ohio’s news media when they requested these numbers.

According to the numbers Kasich put out, “400 of Ohio’s 613 school districts would receive funding increases in FY 2012 and 2013.” But based on the numbers in the document that was leaked to Innovation Ohio “the Administration’s internal documents show that 610 districts would receive cuts in FY 2012 and 599 would receive cuts in FY 2013, compared to FY 2011.”

According to Innovation Ohio the “Administration has previously told reporters asking for this information that the so-called ‘runs’ either did not exist or were not available” and they “were deliberately withheld from the news media.”

That claim is backed up by a statement in Jim Siegel and Charlie Boss’s very good school funding article in the Dispatch this morning: “The administration said it did not have district numbers available for reimbursement losses.”

For the record, this isn’t the first time Kasich’s people have lied about the existence of a document in response to a public records request. And I am absolutely sure it won’t be the last.

  • Anonymous

    This whole damn thing just keeps going and going. We knew it wasn’t true. We are all not stupid. I am getting to the point where nothing that this —– does surprises me it just makes me sad and depressed thinking that he will turn so much upside down that Ohio will no longer be a place I will want to call home. It saddens me to the very core of my sole.

  • Robinjmorris5

    So what can we do about this, and him.? He is a proven liar and he will hurt the state of Ohio to the point it will take years to fix.

  • whatisyourfix?

    Sooo…. what does this prove….. that we no longer have an 8 BILLION dollar deficit ?? or that this fixes anything??? what is anyone elses solution for the deficit ??? raising taxes ??? yea… that will go over big….

  • Anonymous

    Kind of off topic from this post. The issue is that the school districts need to know how much to expect to be cut. But Kasich is playing politics by putting out there misleading numbers that don’t sound so bad while sitting on more accurate numbers that show the cuts are more deeper than what Kasich has put out publicly.

    Stay on topic.

  • Smokeyque
  • Anonymous

    I’m not the Governor. Nor am I the legislature. To suggest that I cannot criticize the Governor without taking the time (with no staff or OBM) to draft my own budget, which is hundreds of line items. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. If the weather man was the one who took the jack hammer to my roof, yeah, I’m going to blame him.

  • CharlesInOH

    He will not be recalled if the constitution is not amended. I’ve requested information regarding a ballot initiative to allow for the recall of state-level elected officials but have seen nothing in response. There seems to be a lot of bellyaching but no action.

  • stop_the_bs

    How about we find out TRUTHFULLY where too much money is being spent, or come up with EVERYONE having to tighten their belts instead of only certain areas and certain people.

    The government refuses to tax the rich. In fact, they are still giving them tax cuts. Social programs are being cut, but Corporate Welfare hasn’t been touched. Kasich former employer stole money, but wants teachers, fire fighters, police officers, and other lower-class people to pay for it.

    As the NFLPA has been stating to the owners, “Open the books”, and we can see where cuts need to be made. If everone take a cut, then it is fair.

  • Pavelkaj

    Is anyone really surprised about John Kasich lying?? He lied to his clients at Lehman Bros. before it when under….he lied to all of us during his campaign for governor….and so he’s lying to us again. He always benefitted from the tactics before, so why would anyone expect him to change anthing??

  • What proof do you have of the unions unwillingness to compromise? Do you even know why pensions are in the red? How about you learn a few things about what’s really going on instead of spewing right wing talking points backed by zero facts? The entire American population needs to wake up, especially you so-called “patriots”.

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