Earlier today, Joseph wrote about Innovation Ohio releasing Kasich Administration documents that showed the Administration has, in fact, run full simulations on how their budget will affect each school district that included the impact of Kasich’s decision to replace none of the lost stimulus funding and tax changes Kasich’s budget makes.

The Cincinnati Enquirer and other outlets has the Kasich Administration’s response to the release of this data.  First, the response in full, and then the breakdown:

“It appears that it’s not accurate and if it had any origin here at one time it is now badly outdated, used old formulas to compute, etc.” said spokesman Dave Pagnard.

Let’s break it down:

“It appears that it’s not accurate…”

I’ll let Dale Butland, spokesman for Innovation Ohio take this one:

“So if these aren’t the numbers then what are they? Put them out there.”

Yeah, they kind of walked into that one.

“…and if it had any origin here at one time…”

Hey, Shaggy, what do you call this defense?

ShaggyI hate budget projection mama drama.  So the Administration’s response here is: “Bitch, those budget projections aren’t mine….”  Maury?

“… it is now outdated, used old formulas to compute…”

So, the budget projections you just denied are yours you say are now outdated?  Outdated versions of the projections the Administration has publicly denied exist at all?  In case you forgot, today’s Dispatch reported:

The administration said it did not have district numbers available for reimbursement losses.

Again let’s get back to Dale Butland from Innovation Ohio:

“We got these numbers last night.”

Well, yesterday is not today.  So, yeah, outdated formula!  That’s the ticket!


Seriously, did we just see someone actually be quoted saying et cetera? 

So if you didn’t buy any of the above discredited Innovation Ohio’s allegations that the Administration just got caught red-handed hiding bad news of their budget regarding K-12 education… there’s still “etc.”

So yeah, take that Innovation Ohio.  “Etc.”  Burn!

It’s like the Kasich Administration has been trained by the Argument Clinic:

It would be funny if this wasn’t our Government.

The Administration response basically is: these aren’t our projections, and if they were, they must be an outdated version of the projections that again, we’ve totally denied we’ve done yet.

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