From the daily archives: Friday, March 25, 2011

Earlier today, Joseph wrote about Innovation Ohio releasing Kasich Administration documents that showed the Administration has, in fact, run full simulations on how their budget will affect each school district that included the impact of Kasich’s decision to replace none of the lost stimulus funding and tax changes Kasich’s budget makes.

The Cincinnati Enquirer and other outlets has the Kasich Administration’s response to the release of this data.  First, the response in full, and then the breakdown:

“It appears that it’s not accurate and if it had any origin here at one time it is now badly outdated, […]

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Modern wrote two pieces this morning highlight how Kasich lied about his plans for school consolidation and how he is is lying about the impact of school funding in his budget.

Innovation Ohio just put out a report that not only proves Kasich’s numbers were a lie, but also provides proof that the Kasich administration flat out lied to Ohio’s news media when they requested these numbers.

According to the numbers Kasich put out, “400 of Ohio’s 613 school districts would receive funding increases in FY 2012 and 2013.” But based on the numbers in the document […]

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Start clearing your Tuesday morning calendar now.  The House Republicans just announced that they are scheduling SB 5 for amendments and a possible committee vote on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. in Room 114 of the Statehouse (the House Commerce and Labor Committee).

The Dispatch is reporting that a final product is not yet ready and that the Republicans will continue to work on the bill over the weekend, but they suspect that some of the changes will be liked by organized labor.  Of course, they won’t even hint at what those changes might be.

I’ll be surprised, and frankly, a […]

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From last night’s Daily Show, John Stewart tracks Kasich’s quick drop from “cool new boyfriend to psychotic stepdad.”

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The issue of school consolidation came up in the final weeks of the campaign as Kasich as the Strickland campaign raised the issue in rural and suburban districts.   Kasich was, reportedly, incensed at the notion that he supported school district consolidation, not because the allegation was untrue, but because Kasich’s campaign knew that the idea was politically unpopular in rural and suburban areas that were key to Kasich’s victory.

So John Kasich threw a hissy.  In fact, in order to try to bury any notion that Kasich was tied to school consolidation policies, Kasich continued to throw a hissy even […]

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Yesterday, our companion site, BudgetWatch, reported that the Administration finally released a school district by district breakdown of how Kasich’s budget would impact schools.  Given the Republicans in the General Assembly are dismantling Governor Strickland’s education reforms and his new evidence-based model and have not yet indicated how school funds would be distributed under the replacement formula, this was kind of critical information to put out there.

Nearly two weeks after the budget was released, the numbers were finally released (sort of).  I’ll let our BudgetWatch explain:

Keep in mind, the numbers shown here are misleading […]

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