Kasich’s budget proposal is full of overreaching, poorly-informed and incompletely thought-out “reforms” like this one that forces college professors to teach more classes in addition to their already heavy workload.

According to a recent survey at the Ohio State University, faculty members work an average of 57 hours a week and, as we’ve reported before, full-time assistant professors at Ohio State had an average base salary of $64,410.86

Now here’s the part where you get to see what an obnoxious, self-centered and completely hypocritical human being our new Governor is:

As we reported back in August John Kasich spent seven years ‘working’ for OSU. He was paid $50,000 a year and his assistant was paid $20,000 a year – and all he had to do was show up once a month and give a lecture.

You heard that correctly. John Kasich and his long-time Chief-of-Staff Don Thibaut were paid MORE than the average OSU professor – and they worked fewer hours in the entire year than a professor works in a single week.

And in John Kasich’s mind professors at the same university are getting paid too much and working too little? College professors at public universities, to John Kasich, are nothing more than overeducated, lazy, mooching civil servants.

It’s crap like this that keep me wondering which is greater: John Kasich’s contempt for people who actually work for a living or his own exaggerated and undeserved sense of self-importance.