We’ll be doing more on this soon (and I know I’m a few days late on breaking this story) but I wanted to make sure you were aware that Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks has launched a campaign in Ohio in support of John Kasich’s union busting agenda.

According to the press release the budget for the first phase is $5.6 million, and will include organized grassroots rallies and protest activities to counter union events.

Organized grassroots rallies? WTF? I guess they figure for $5.6 million they can hire some people to show up and ‘protest’ against the protesters. Based on the low turnout (read: zero turnout) of SB5 supporters at previous rallies, it seems very unlikely they are going to get people to show up any other way.

The other part of the campaign is supposed to be “paid TV and online video ads” – which are already running. We had this image show up on our Google ads last week and after a lot of internal debate we decided to block the ad – which is a first for us here at Plunderbund.

And just in case you might be tempted to believe that this campaign actually has some redeeming value or that it’s real goal is supporting “hardworking taxpayers all over the country” let me be clear: it doesn’t and it’s not.

FreedomWorks fully admits the true goal of the campaign is to bust the unions and take away their political power:

“Our campaign this year will serve to not only put constructive reforms in place that curb abuses of public employee union power and protect taxpayers, it will drain the Unions’ political coffers headed into a critical election year.

So the first time you see someone at a rally actually supporting SB5 please be sure to ask them how much they were paid to be there and be sure to let us know.