From the daily archives: Thursday, March 24, 2011

This morning, we got more data from the latest Quinnpiac Poll.  And to discuss what is going on in Ohio that has led to John Kasich’s poor poll numbers last night on Rachel Maddow was the most popular officeholder in Ohio, Sherrod Brown.

Brown has a 43% approval/27% disapproval rating.  Against an unnamed GOP opponent, Brown wins 45% to 29%.  Voter also feel just about the same when asked if Brown deserves to be re-elected or not.  Just as with PPP, Brown now has an advantage with Independents.

Brown has a better approval rating than freshman […]

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Kasich’s budget proposal is full of overreaching, poorly-informed and incompletely thought-out “reforms” like this one that forces college professors to teach more classes in addition to their already heavy workload.

According to a recent survey at the Ohio State University, faculty members work an average of 57 hours a week and, as we’ve reported before, full-time assistant professors at Ohio State had an average base salary of $64,410.86

Now here’s the part where you get to see what an obnoxious, self-centered and completely hypocritical human being our new Governor is:

As we reported back in August […]

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Hey, gang, remember SB 5?  Yep, it’s still out there.  Still pending in House.  And making State Senator Frank LaRose the most powerful legislator in the State of Ohio right now.  This isn’t going to script at all for the GOP. 

You see, Kasich came out of the election and declared a sudden interest in major collective bargaining “reforms” that he never discussed much during the campaign.  In outlining the issue, Kasich mandated that “reform” had to have number of key components in it.  One of those mandatory components was that binding arbitration had to go: not amended, ended.  […]

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We’ll be doing more on this soon (and I know I’m a few days late on breaking this story) but I wanted to make sure you were aware that Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks has launched a campaign in Ohio in support of John Kasich’s union busting agenda.

According to the press release the budget for the first phase is $5.6 million, and will include organized grassroots rallies and protest activities to counter union events.

Organized grassroots rallies? WTF? I guess they figure for $5.6 million they can hire some people to show up and ‘protest’ against the protesters. Based on […]

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