From the daily archives: Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jon Husted is all a-Twitter (TM) about today being Democracy Day, a day to celebrate the ratification of the 26th Amendment which lowered the voting age to 18 that is held by Rock the Vote and the National Education Association (NEA… you know, one of those free loading teachers unions).

Ironic given that Husted has publicly been very quiet about is House Bill 159, a bill that requires the use of a government issued photo identification card which lists your address or a recent address any time you vote.  Currently, a person could vote […]

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Quinnipiac was the first polling outfit that polled Kasich’s approval rating in January.  At the time, they had it as 30% approval, 22% disapproval, which we noted was substantially worse than Strickland’s first approval rating when he took office and even his approval as he left office.  At the time, conservatives dismissed the January poll saying it was premature to be polling Kasich’s job performance:

(Culling handles state gov’t issues for Americans for Tax Reform)

So two months later after SB 5 and the emerging budget fight, how’s Kasich doing? 

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