We’ve been focused on events in Columbus lately, because honestly, that’s where the news has been. That doesn’t mean the Ohio delegation in Washington should think we’ve lost interest. You might ask, well, what have they been up to? Did a Republican really call Tea Party Conservatives “knuckle draggers?” Did somebody really push for expanding nuclear power on the very day the earthquake struck Japan? Did Jean Schmidt show the briefest flash of sanity? Can you really find one main point and two supporting links for each and every one of them? Well…

Sherrod Brown: Announced listening tour focused on Ag issues in speech to Ohio Farm Bureau Leaders, who were more excited about listening to Bob Gibbs spout off GOP talking points concerning national debt.

Rob Portman: Claims that non-partisan CBO report on Obama’s proposed budget shows “disturbing lack of leadership from the White House on our country’s unprecedented budget problems,” which it does. As the report says: “In addition, the President proposes that, beginning in January 2013, estate and gift taxes return permanently to the rates and exemption levels that were in effect in calendar year 2009. Those policies would reduce tax revenues and boost outlays for refundable tax credits by a total of more than $3.0 trillion over the next decade relative to the amounts projected in CBO’s baseline. That total exceeds the $2.7 trillion net increase in the deficit over the next 10 years that would result from the President’s budget as a whole; the President’s other proposals would reduce the deficit, on balance, over 10 years.” Short version: If Obama doesn’t cave on the Inheritance Tax, the deficit shrinks even by the most conservative analysis.

Steve Chabot (OH-1): Still listed Mar. 11 press release on website as “breaking news,” calling for increased “environmentally safe offshore drilling.” I think that means he doesn’t support the kind of offshore drilling that causes one of the worst environmental disasters in history off the coast of Louisiana, he supports the other kind.

Jean Schmidt (OH-2): Shocked the world with a press release that included a thoughtful anti-free market disclaimer: “Federal regulations are sometimes necessary; even those most adversely affected by them will concede that point.” She does so in the context of thoughtfully claiming that Obama’s EPA has been unable to tell the difference between milk and motor oil. The story would have a bit more bite if the EPA under Obama hadn’t actually explicitly not been enforcing the rule while the exception for milk producers has been pending…

Mike Turner (OH-3): Complained that the government shouldn’t keep operating on the Continuing Resolutions he votes for and Dems vote against, and instead needs to pass an actual budget, like the one proposed by Obama and opposed by the House GOP. I know I said two links, but it’s hard to come up with four unique links between Turner and Johnson (OH-5).

Jim Jordan (OH-4): hailing from Urbana, issued a press release today to announce that he his district director one of his deputy district directors would be available to the public in Urbana all day for an hour on Wednesday. Boring news I know, but he saves all his juicy news like pushing for big welfare cuts and protecting DOMA for his conservative buddies at the RSC

Bob Latta (OH-5): Frightened me. I was almost too scared of the Leprechaun Latta defending his website against intruders seeking his pot o’gold to actually click on anything. Overcame heebie-jeebies to find he had introduced a resolution to expand “safe and clean nuclear energy” on same day tsunami struck Japan.

Bill Johnson (OH-6): Stared menacingly at the camera, then proceeded to talk about how awful it is that house members like himself keep passing short term budget resolutions, which they are forced to do because the Dems irresponsibly failed to pass the full budget the GOP worked so hard to defeat.

Steve Austria (OH-7): Declared his independence by pretty much taking credit for convincing Eric Shinseki to make VA personnel decision that colleague Mike Turner (OH-3) calls an outrage

John Boehner (OH-8): Started to reap a bit of what he’s helped sow, and a Google search for news articles from the last month containing “John Boehner” and “weak” yields hundreds of hits.

Marcy Kaptur (OH-9): Issued press release bashing opposition party with proper email addresses, URLs, and phone numbers to use when inquiring about loved ones in Japan. It’s hard to find news on her official site because where the typical self-promotion section on congressional sites is located there’s mainly stuff like how to file for tax credits, use government resources to find jobs and training, get a small business loan, yadda, yadda yadda, blah, blah, blah.

Dennis Kucinich (OH-10): Spit-shined his bi-partisan bona fides, as he has now discussed impeaching Presidents of both major parties during his congressional career.

Marcia Fudge (OH-11): Announced that she’s coming home to Cleveland to talk about urban farming and gardening. The release says Cleveland is number 2 in urban gardens, and the event is at the Botanical Garden, but everyone knows the real Cleveland action’s in chickens

Pat Tiberi (OH-12): Continued to provide leadership on entitlement program funding and expenditures by recommending that somebody should do something. Had not yet scrubbed references in his bio alluding to the fact that he owes his entire political career to John Kasich.

Betty Sutton (OH-13): Was active back home in the anti-SB 5 movement, speaking at rallies and sponsoring petitions.

Steve LaTourette (OH-14): Apparently referred to Tea Party wave of new GOP House members as the “knuckledraggers that came in in the last election that hate taxes.” No argument here, but perhaps he was just upset about the doubled-up GOP primary voter preference for Ken Blackwell rather than LaTouette for Senate?

Steve Stivers (OH-15): Presented draft legislation called “The Asset-Backed Market Stabilization Act of 2011” as part of a coordinated effort to repeal parts of the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation. Damon Silvers of the AFL-CIO refers to it as the “Legal Immunity for the People Who Brought You the Financial Panic Act.”

Jim Renacci (OH-16): Attempted to eloquently defend fighter engine with bi-partisan opposition. Mentions benefits to workers (in other Ohio districts), doesn’t mention that his single largest campaign contributor is an aerospace supplier headquartered in his district.

Tim Ryan (OH-17): Helped introduce a resolution requiring members of Congress go on the record with their choice to participate in taxpayer-funded health care, but you would have known this if you followed him on Twitter.

Bob Gibbs (OH-18): Wrote an Op-Ed for The Hill where he goes to bat for the coordinated attack on the EPA. Cites report that Small Businesses are hit harder by compliance costs than are Big Businesses. Doesn’t cite the same report when it states: “This report does not address the benefits of regulation, an important challenge that would be a logical next step toward achieving a rational regulatory system.”

We now return you to the Buckeye State.

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