We used to pick on the little read site Third Base Politics when Jon Keeling wrote there for a couple of reasons.  One, we all knew that Jon Keeling was an ex-Kasich staffer whore who was astroturfing for the Kasich campaign from Virginia because no conservative blogger really cared that much for Kasich.  We later were able to prove that Keeling was being paid through a company he created for what appeared to be the sole purpose of giving the Ohio Republican Party a name other than his own in which to cut the check to.

Now, Keeling has left his site to someone calling himself “Bytor.”  There’s been some internal debate as to whether Bytor is just a pseudonym for Keeling because the blog remains as nothing more than an unofficial extension of Kasich’s Communication Team.  Regardless, I believe it’s someone different because they’re much worse at this than Keeling ever was.

Take this post on the budget (please!)

After denying that Kasich’s budget is going to lead to an increase in local levies and higher taxes at the local level, Bytor essentially argues that you shouldn’t view them as increase tax levies, but the spread of democracy.  Seriously:

Most of the government services we count on come from the local level. Schools, police and fire protection are examples of this. So it only makes sense that the communities themselves should have more say in the size of the government that provides those services.

So…isn’t empowering the voters with more control over their local governments a good thing?

I guess that’s one way of looking at it.

But, first it doesn’t provide MORE control over their local governments.  What it does is deny funding.  Forcing those local governments to further cut essential services (it’s not like local governments didn’t have their own budget problems to begin with) or seek higher taxes.  Some, but not all, of those higher taxes may be subject to a referendum.  But that doesn’t really give the locals any more control over their government. 

I mean, I guess, by forcing votes on whether to have higher taxes or have a police department that in way gives people more control since before Kasich’s budget the city was able to force having a police/fire department and good schools down the voters throat.  I didn’t know there was a rash of Ohio communities with well-funded police and fire departments with good schools and libraries being forced on its citizenry against their will.  Kasich’s budget sure will end that practice, that’s for sure.

In other news, I guess this means that Third Base Politics is against SB 5.  I mean, if local government knows best because it’s where the voters have the most control over spending, then do we really need a state mandated, one-size-fits all legislation that denies local governments’ ability to enter into the collective bargaining agreements they see fit?

So don’t think of as more tax levies, think about it freedom levies as it gives you more things to vote on!

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