From the daily archives: Monday, March 21, 2011

During the campaign, John Kasich attempted to make a serious play for the votes in Ted Strickland’s base of Southeastern Ohio, visiting the area number of times hammering Governor Strickland on the issue of jobs in the community:

"I’ll get a team of job creators focused on this area – people down here have been promised and misled for 50 years . . .  I will focus on this area like a laser beam when I’m governor." –John Kasich [Source: WSAZ (Oct. 22, 2010)]

Voters still backed Strickland in the region… albeit in a much smaller margin than the Strickland […]

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As we’ve been discussing here at Plunderbund, Ohio’s GOP-controlled legislature is trying to rush through a crap-load of really partisan bills while everyone is distracted by SB5.

One of the worst is HB159. With few exceptions, Mecklenborg and Blessing’s bill would require everyone to show a current Ohio driver’s license or state ID in order to vote.

The goal here is obvious: to make it more difficult for Democratic voters to cast their votes in 2012.

Daniel Tokaji, a well respected expert on Election Law at OSU, wrote a scathing piece about the bill today in which he […]

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We used to pick on the little read site Third Base Politics when Jon Keeling wrote there for a couple of reasons.  One, we all knew that Jon Keeling was an ex-Kasich staffer whore who was astroturfing for the Kasich campaign from Virginia because no conservative blogger really cared that much for Kasich.  We later were able to prove that Keeling was being paid through a company he created for what appeared to be the sole purpose of giving the Ohio Republican Party a name other than his own in which to cut the check to.

Now, Keeling has left […]

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John Kasich and the Republicans in the legislature have decided to go to war with teachers on multiple fronts – all of which have the potential to seriously hurt our state’s education system and impact the quality of education our kids receive.

There is a good deal of analysis out there regarding the damage that Kasich and the legislature will be causing in the name of “reform” but some of the best I’ve read lately has come from Greg Mild, an educator from Columbus who has been fired up by the attacks on teachers and the education system as […]

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On Saturday (note, not Sunday), the Columbus Dispatch did a story trying to outline how the Kasich Administration “solved” the $8 billion deficit that Mary Taylor predicted over a year ago.

The Dispatch even gave a nice little graphic to show their work:

During their public unveiling of the budget last week, the Kasich-Taylor Administration seemed to go at great lengths to give Mary Taylor her “I told you so moment” by framing the budget as proving her predictions about a $8 billion budget deficit as being vindicated even though the Strickland Administration conceded at the time […]

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Kasich’s budget is reliant on the State keeping BILLIONS of money that had been promised to local governments.  Kasich’s response to this is that these local communities will reform by consolidation and sharing services with other local governments.  This has led Kasich and some media outlets to praise Kasich’s budget as some sort of municipal reform plan.

But as Thomas Suddes pointed out over the weekend, Kasich’s budget is balanced by Kasich ignoring that local governments were promised certain funding to ease the fiscal impact the State imposed on them by removing the local government’s ability to raise […]

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As we reported on Friday, Kasich finally gave up the fight to keep Mark Kvamme on as head of the Department of Development. Kvamme, a venture capitalist from California, is constitutionally forbidden from serving in this position because his is not an Ohio resident. He will be replaced with James Leftwich from the Dayton Development Coalition (DDC).

The announcement of Kvamme’s departure initially seemed like good news. But the more I find out about Leftwich and his time at the DDC, the more this appointment scares the crap out of me.

While Kvamme and Kasich were still dreaming about […]

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