John Kasich loves to talk about “the kids”. He mentioned “kids” 16 times in his state of the state speech. And “babies” 7 times.

John Kasich said he wants to “stand up for our kids” and “make things a little bit better for the families and the kids.” He said he wants to help “mothers and their babies” by giving them “the prenatal care they need”.

Funny story: John Kasich’s budget makes HUGE cuts to programs that help kids and babies, while his own office gets only minor cuts – none of which impact the salary of his staff.

If you take a look budget blue book section for the Governor’s office you’ll see that they cut about $176K from their budget from 2011 to 2012. This is a little under 5.5% and nearly the same he his paying his chief of staff Beth Hansen.

Compare that to the cuts he’s planning to make to these programs which directly impact Ohio’s children:

Program Total Cut Percent cut
Bureau of Children with Medical Handicaps 1,250,000 14%
Help Me Grow 2,826,000 8%
Early Care and Education 10,673,000 8%
Adoption of children with special needs 7,038,000 10%
Childrens Hospitals 6,000,000 100%

Yes, you did read those numbers correctly.

John Kasich cut his office expenses by 176k and he cut the Bureau of Children with Medical Handicaps by 1.25 MILLION – nearly 10 times as much.

Any questions?

  • Jlnelson4553

    I have a handicapped toddler. We could not function without Help Me Grow and BCMH. It is devastating to have a handicapped baby and getting help is SO important. How can he live with himself? Oh, yeah! He doesn’t have handicapped children, just like he doesn’t care about public schools and teachers b/c his kids go to private schools. Sickening.

  • Heartbroken_angelwolf

    I have handicapped twin toddlers and this makes me sick. I have no words to describe how it makes me feel.


    Um, it’s not difficult to verify these statements with a 10 min glance at the budget PDF. Did you look at it?

    Page D-271. The Help Me Grow program grew from $9 million in 2006 to $36 million today. So we’re arguing about cutting 8% from a program that had grown 400% over five years? That’s rich.

    Page D-271. Children with Medical Handicaps – Strickland cut almost $2 million between 2008 and 2010. But Kasich is the heartless bastard!

    Page D-316. Children’s hospitals. This $6m was a single year (2011) budget device. It didn’t exist before 2011, and doesn’t need to exist after because we have hiked Ohio Medicaid spending by 12.7 percent (that’s $1.4 BILLION). Medicaid is the single largest budget item in the Children’s Hospital system budget according to
    Ohio Children’s Hospital Association

    Cutting adoption funding?
    Ohio Adoptions in yr 2006= 1803, yr 2005=2004, yr 2004=2201, yr 2003 = 2420
    USA HHS – Statistics & Research. I can’t find data for more recent years, but looking at the varying volumes it’s POSSIBLE this cut is aligned with the current number of adoptions.

  • It’s a very good point, TM, but I was specifically referring to the agency that was cut in the post title: “Bureau of Children with Medical Handicaps”.

  • don’t sell us short that its a race thing.  We despise Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi WAY more than Barry O.  and those are two of the whitest folk I’ve ever seen.  Nope….it ain’t about race at all there teach.  It’s about FUNDAMENTAL differences of opinion.  Barry O just happened to be the guy in charge when the stars aligned for two long years.

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