John Kasich loves to talk about “the kids”. He mentioned “kids” 16 times in his state of the state speech. And “babies” 7 times.

John Kasich said he wants to “stand up for our kids” and “make things a little bit better for the families and the kids.” He said he wants to help “mothers and their babies” by giving them “the prenatal care they need”.

Funny story: John Kasich’s budget makes HUGE cuts to programs that help kids and babies, while his own office gets only minor cuts – none of which impact the salary of his staff.

If you take a look budget blue book section for the Governor’s office you’ll see that they cut about $176K from their budget from 2011 to 2012. This is a little under 5.5% and nearly the same he his paying his chief of staff Beth Hansen.

Compare that to the cuts he’s planning to make to these programs which directly impact Ohio’s children:

Program Total Cut Percent cut
Bureau of Children with Medical Handicaps 1,250,000 14%
Help Me Grow 2,826,000 8%
Early Care and Education 10,673,000 8%
Adoption of children with special needs 7,038,000 10%
Childrens Hospitals 6,000,000 100%

Yes, you did read those numbers correctly.

John Kasich cut his office expenses by 176k and he cut the Bureau of Children with Medical Handicaps by 1.25 MILLION – nearly 10 times as much.

Any questions?