As any fan of the “West Wing” knows, Friday afternoon is “take out the trash” day in the communication cycle.  Particularly, when March Madness is going on and everyone’s still drunk from St. Patrick’s Day/boasting JobsOhio funding.

Today, a bitter and angry Governor Kasich announced that he was permanently removing Mark Kvamme as Director of the Ohio Department of Development and naming James Leftwich to be the new Director.  Kvamme will be appointed to a newly created “Director of Job Creation” post within Governor Kasich’s office.  In other words, an office switching sham in order to try to avoid the consequence that Mark Kvamme is constitutionally barred from holding a public position in Ohio since he is not, nor has any intention of being, an Ohio resident.

Kasich bitterly blamed “partisan politics” for the move, and as David Skolnick of the Youngstown Vindicator noted on Twitter, not the constitutional violation that Kvamme’s appointment was.

Yes, you read that right.  John Kasich just issued a statement on a Friday afternoon to admit one of his first official acts in office was to violate the Constitution of the State of Ohio, and then he grumbled like a Scooby Doo villain about how he could have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for those damn progressive kids and their lawsuit.

"I was frustrated when some tried to raise roadblocks to his eligibility to serve based on his residency, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by anything in politics," Mr. Kasich said.

Damn people and their insistence on me following the constitution…

Former Celeste Agriculture attorney Victoria Ullman was the first I am aware who raised the issue of Kvamme’s eligibility and was representing Progress Ohio in their court challenge.  Congratulations to you both on forcing the Governor to adhere to the State’s charter of government.

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  • guest

    Ebenezer Kasich doesn’t care so why would he know about the law. He is a typical dictator where the rules don’t apply to him because “he” is the law

  • Victoria

    Thanks for mentioning me! But I am very old–I was one of Celeste’s attorneys at Agriculture. I just worked on Ted’s campaigns as a volunteer. I worked with Ted on the first OCSEA contract for the state.

  • Annekarima

    Check mate.

  • Anonymous

    No doubt some of the people who cry foul over this are the same ones who believe Obama was born in Kenya and is thus illegitimate.

  • At least he got another white guy.

  • Anonymous

    He does seem to get testy when things like rules, or laws, get in his way. I bet he was a lovely child.

  • Ingthing

    If this December 2010 blog entry ( is correct, Jim Leftwich earns over $257K at the Dayton Development Coalition (DDC) (plus a 24% bonus), and the DDC sounds exactly like Kasich’s model for JobsOhio. A really depressing read. I wonder how much Leftwich and Kvamme will be paid?

  • Ingthing

    For some reason, the link is not going to right blog entry on Esrati. The blog entry title is “Dayton Development Coalition is Out of Touch.”

  • Anonymous

    Kvamme is paid only a $1 salary but it still remains to be said if we’re covering some of his travel expenses back and forth from CA each week.

  • So doesn’t this now raise his office costs? Will Kvamme now get paid more than $1 b/c he doesn’t get the title of “director”? If so, that will wipe out the supposed ‘cut’ to the office of the gov in the latest budget.

  • Anonymous

    Oops. Sorry about that.

  • Anonymous

    Touche, Matt.

  • Those pesky laws!

  • Not a rhetorical question: How does Kasich get around the Article 8 Section 4 prohibition on the state being an owner of a corporation?

  • Anonymous

    HA! I have a feeling that Kasich will be having a lot more bitter days ahead when things don’t go his way. Kvamme couldn’t serve because of the Ohio constitution. Period.

  • That is the $64,000 questions, isn’t it?

  • Portia A. Boulger

    Poor little boy didn’t get his way, so now he’s just got to dismiss not getting by with his illegal actions on progressives and lawsuits. He hasn’t seen nothing yet! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!! HE WILL NOT GET BY WITH HIS HORRIBLE LAWLESS BEHAVIOR!

  • Portia A. Boulger

    I can’t imagine the horror that his wife and family have to endure when he doesn’t get his way. He is SO vicious!

  • Portia A. Boulger

    Hi John, Will give more specifics? Thanks.

  • MissGov

    Nah, he will just cut the pay of his lower level staff or lay six of them off to pay the salary.

  • Columbusite

    Say “G’night” King Kasich.

  • Google Adwords. We don’t control what runs there. They are pay-per-click.

  • buckeyekelly

    I still have a serious problem with the guy who’s supposed to bring jobs to Ohio doesn’t FRIGGIN’ LIVE IN THE GOD FORSAKEN STATE. It’s like asking a waitress what she’d recommend and she says, “I wouldn’t eat here!” Where’s all the outrage of those who bought the “didn’t get the jobs done” RGA ads demonizing Ted for the outsourcing of a small rebate program, but a whole department’s okay?

    But at least now we know where the jobs are…in Kasich’s circle.

  • Anonymous

    Before we know it Kasich will declare himself king and the head of the church. In fact maybe even a demi god who fell from the heavens so he could reek havoc on the mortals on earth and laugth HA HA HA. while watching us all squirm and fight amongst ourselves as he gets what he wants. But even the most beloved King who turned on his people was brought down in the end.

  • Xx

    Lets think positively on this, kasich created a job! If he keeps this up we might have lower unemployment in say, 400,000 years.

  • Delco

    Which is why I click, and click, and click…

  • Anonymous

    Actually Kasich was probably in the House at the time… or he had just left for Congress, too lazy to look it up.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, all you’ve proven is that you can’t read or remember history. None of the papers, not even the Columbus Dispatch, has given an unqualified embrace of Kasich’s budget. In fact, in every one of them, they have identified some deep concerns with Kasich, particularly how he’s balancing the budget by shifting the tax burden onto local government.

    Oh, and these are the same papers who also endorsed both of Governor Strickland’s budget, including his tax freeze.

    Also, I guess you don’t follow the conservative Buckeye Institute which concluded that Governor Strickland is the only Governor to introduce a budget that kept spending in line with changes in population and inflation. Kasich’s general revenue fund spending, which budget experts say is the best measure of the fiscal conservativism of the budget is increasing by 12%, with $5 BILLION in new spending. Ted Strickland CUT GRF by $2 billion in his last budget. Kasich is spending more than Ted Strickland.

  • Saradam

    What about Director Nally from the EPA? I’ve heard nothing more about his illegal appointment?

  • Saradam

    What about Director Nally from the EPA? I’ve heard nothing more about his illegal appointment?

  • Anonymous

    For whatever reason, nobody has questioned it. Maybe the difference is Nally actually intends to reside in Ohio as opposed to be here just for six months.

  • The link to my blog about Leftwich’s salary:
    However- they say that the $257 was total compensation.
    Reality- a lot of taxpayer money has been misdirected by the Dayton Development Coalition- including in a no-bid contract to Congressman Turner’s Wife.
    See this thread:
    The real question is how do our tax dollars end up in the hands of a private corporation?
    And- why are we still in the “economic development” business- instead of just sticking to government?
    Until we take the money out of politics with a taxpayer financed political campaign system- we’re all screwed.

  • CDR Jan

    You want to go back to status quo ante? Well, let’s go ALLLLLL the way then:
    Forty-eight hour work weeks
    Straight time only, no overtime
    No employer-provided health care coverage (even if the employees pay a portion of the premiums)
    No vacation, sick leave, or other paid leave
    No workers compensation
    No unemployment benefits
    No pensions (even if partially funded by employees)

    Employer to employee status quo ante: You want 2 weeks off for surgery to repair the knee you hurt on the job? Take all the time you want, because you’re fired NOW!

    I’m guessing you didn’t benefit from the “fantastic 40 year run that has enriched a very few”. Get used to it, because status quo ante will leave you struggling to keep a job, keep your health, and support your family. But its what you want.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    So how much is this guys salary ? bet its more than $1.00
    I can see why he was picked — his company gave bonuses– and we all know how Kasich loves those–hehehaha
    Is this guy permanant or are we just waiting for him( Kvamme) to establish residence and then come back – just because Kasich says that doesnt make it so —

  • Sounds like a plan. I mean, Free-Market Jesus will step in a fix everything, right? I seem to remember a story about a nice Lithuanian family arriving in Chicago and making it big, because all the employers treated their employees like kings. If they hadn’t, people wouldn’t have bought their products. Or have I got that backwards?

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