• “…your people”

    Nice –

    One suggestion, Governor Kasich’s “hat” should be pointy and white.

  • Rob

    I would go with a green dunce hat!!

  • How did I guess this was coming? :p

  • guest

    He is such an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Wrong on economy? Guess you didn’t read where Kasich’s own economic advisors are predicting a slower recovery now that he’s Governor than we saw last year? Kasich was wrong on the budget in the 1990s. Was wrong on the GM bailout. Was wrong on SB 5. Kasich’s incompotentcy isn’t our last resort. It’s the total package of GOP failure.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Rgtmwlly, what’s up with the new screenname?

  • “…your people”

    Nah it wasn’t “…Race Baiting” at all; it was RACIST Baiting and it worked. Does that hook in the lip hurt much?

  • missingtedalready

    race baiting? really? our esteemed governor confused MLK day with St. Patrick’s Day. and I don’t think Kasich’s inauguration counts as a great day in history. infamy, maybe but definitely not history.

  • AnnV

    Funny stuff, but I can’t get too worked up about him goofing dates of holidays. There are numerous significantly more compelling reasons to find fault with Kasich. Seemingly endless and highly detrimental reasons.

  • Can’t disagree. I think we have the other stuff covered as well, but every now and then we like to have a bit of fun. 😉

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