From the daily archives: Thursday, March 17, 2011

Prepare to be surprised. 

Today the free-market/conservative think tank Buckeye Institute released their analysis of Kasich’s budget.  And while it had the praise you’d expect, it also unflinchingly refused to whistle past the graveyard that Kasich is hoping the Tea Party activists don’t realize:  Kasich’s budget doesn’t lower the “cost of government,”  like he claimed all week.  In fact, State government spending will never be higher (except for local governments, K-12, and higher education.)

When it comes to keeping government spending in line with changes in population and inflation, Governor Ted Strickland is the only Governor to […]

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Since introducing his budget, Governor Kasich has already been traveling the State claiming that this budget is necessary to “put us on a path to economic growth.”  (Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer)  Implied in that statement is that Ohio isn’t already on a path for economic growth.

In order to draft a budget, one of the first things you’ve got to figure out is how much revenue you’re going to have.  For government, that means you need to make some economic assumptions as to what is going to happen in the economy since your revenues are derived from income […]

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The Ohio Consumers’ Counsel is a state office that is statutorily designated to represent Ohio consumers before various rating boards such as the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO.)  It uses its office of lawyers and economists to try to make the case to such agencies why proposed utility rate hikes are not really necessary and harmful for the consumers.

The PUCO is an entity that approves rate increases.  It’s also where energy lobbyists and senior utility executives go when they want a change of scenery.  That’s been true under both Republican and Democratic Governors, by the way.  Take for […]

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During his budget unveiling, Governor Kasich boasted that there was “no smoke and mirrors” in the budget that purportedly solved a projected $8 billion budget deficit without raising taxes in a budget which promises more spending than ever in the history of Ohio (just not for schools, colleges, or local governments, and multiple health care programs for the poor and uninsured.)

But, that’s not how the Columbus Dispatch sees it:

Budget uses accounting maneuvers

State Budget Director Tim Keen wasn’t dressed like a magician, but state lawmakers wanted to know yesterday how he made an $8 billion shortfall disappear, […]

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