Public Policy Polling, a Democratic, but well respected polling organization, today released additional numbers from their Ohio poll.  Their last poll in December showed freshman Senator Sherrod Brown in potentially deep trouble, running virtually neck and neck with a cast of potential challengers.

Brown, who in December was polling at 40%-43% given the GOP challenger, is now polling at the more comfortable 48%-49% range.  In addition, instead of the tied to eight point lead against the tested GOP challengers, Brown now sits on a comfortable and consistent fifteen to nineteen point lead.

The biggest casualty for the GOP crop of potential challengers?  Lt. Governor Mary Taylor.  Taylor is the best known of all the GOP challengers tested outside of Price is Right host/Cleveland native Drew Carey.  She went from a statistical tie (two points behind) in December to being 19 points down.  She ties Congressman Jim Jordan, also a rumored “top” prospect, as the worst performing GOP candidates PPP polled.

The best?  Drew Carey, but as PPP notes, that’s because Carey presently gets considerable support from Democrats, not Republicans.  Most Democrats probably aren’t aware of Carey’s extreme conservative/libertarian leanings. 

PPP pinpoints Taylor’s fall as a sudden shift in Independents being split between Taylor and Brown to decidedly Brown by an 18-point margin.  Party unity among Democrats, including conservative Democrats has galvanized to levels not seen since 2008.

Yep, Josh Mandel does poorly in the poll, too, conservatives.  As PPP stated it:

“Sherrod Brown appears to be in a much stronger position now than he was just three months ago,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “There’s been a very significant shift in the Ohio political landscape toward the Democrats.”

Yes, there could be another shift in an election twenty months away.  But the main takeaway is that SB 5 may have single-handedly cost Mary Taylor any chance of being a Senate contender next year.

Remember that many Columbus insiders believed that Taylor ran on Kasich’s ticket with the express purpose of positioning herself for a Senate run in 2012.

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