We’ve heard rumors about Kasich’s people running around town threatening everyone they talk to. Lobbyists, non-profits, business and trade groups. Everyone is being threatened. And it looks like state agency directors are no exception.

The Dispatch has a pretty good piece about Kasich’s thugs pressuring superintendent of education Deborah Delisle to write up her own resignation letter or else she’s be removed by the board.

Kasich, who has shown he’s more interested in political games than in actually helping Ohio’s children, has been working to get more charter school advocates (and tea party members) on the school board to help push through his agenda. That agenda means massive cuts to education funding (including the elimination of funding for STEM education, gifted ed and many other programs, railing against teachers claiming they are overpaid and receive too many benefits and sending his thugs to force out the effective and hard working superintendent of education.

We received a copy of Deborah’s resignation letter this afternoon where she confirms this story and covers her successes at the agency. I’ve included it below.

Watch for every one of the successes listed below to be reversed, cut, dropped or publicly flogged in the next two years.

Dear State Board of Education Members,

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as Ohio’s 35th State Superintendent of Public Instruction.
During the past 2 ½ years, I have had a unique opportunity to view education from not only a state
perspective but a national one as well. All of my experiences have been professionally rewarding and
give me great hope for the students of Ohio.

During a meeting on Friday, March 11, 2011, with two of Governor Kasich’s staff, it was made known to me that my tenure as the State Superintendent was coming to an end. Specifically, I was informed that if I chose not to create an exit strategy, I would soon be replaced by a majority vote of the State Board of Education. Thus, I intend to resign effective April 30, 2011, in order to ensure that this issue does not become a distraction to the important educational issues facing the state of Ohio. During the next several weeks, I will work diligently with my staff to develop and exercise a smooth transition plan.

As I reflect on the past 2 ½ years, I must acknowledge that Ohio’s education system has much to celebrate. During my tenure, I was proud to work with a highly talented staff at the Ohio Department of Education. Despite budget and staff reductions, they have remained committed to, and focused on, the challenges facing education. From redesigning processes and procedures to becoming more client focused, ODE has enhanced its technical services and support to local education agencies. Additionally, there are numerous innovative activities in which we have been engaged including, but not limited to:

. The development of a series of rigorous standards, adopted by the State Board in 2010, and the ensuing design of new assessments and new graduation requirements.

. Successful launch of the credit flexibility program, which respects work done outside of formal educational frameworks.

. Creation of the new teacher four-year residency program as well as enhanced teacher and principal evaluation systems.

. Expansion of the Woodrow Wilson STEM Program.

. Engagement in the development of a longitudinal student data system.

. Redesign of the organizational structure within the Department.

. Renewed focus on closing the achievement gaps.

. Launch of a student-wide survey of MS and HS students’ perceptions of school.

. Engagement in the design of Next Generation learning environments (NxGL).

  • Nope, but if you had said Tea Parrtier you’d be spot on!

  • My paper is the Cincinnati Enquirer, and it’s quite obvious that they support Kasich. The article this morning was a glowing report about the new Tea Party activist who will be president of the state’s school board, with only a mention of the forced resignation of Deborah Delisle. It’s disgusting to know that the people of this area are so ill served by the media….they simply refuse to print news that goes against their ideology and most remain in the dark.

  • It’s not just Kasich.. that’s the strategy of the entire GOP. Ignorance works for them. Educated people can think critically and critical thinking destroys the GOP/Tea Party agenda.

  • GreenIris

    Who spent the past 2 years screaming “I want my country back”? That sword cuts both ways.
    When the R’s lose, they go into full-scale obstructionist mode. Next time are you going to tell them to STFU?

  • The DDN is no better….you have to look elsewhere to get the follow up. And the comments by readers would make your stomach turn. I’m sorry, but those ignorant people will never learn. We had to move out of state…….it’s depressing to live in a negative, hateful, nonthinking, anti-everything area.

  • Rob

    Did anyone read the Plain Dealer this morning. I found something interesting about Kasich’s budget. Aside from the fact it is a horrible atrocity, I found this fun line:

    “One if the new ideas in Kasich’s budget would give parents of students in failing schools the right to take over schools by a majority vote. These parent-revolts could include the firing of school administrators or ineffective teachers, an idea already tries out in Colorado…”.

    This is a full court press guys. To me, this is utter nonsense. How can a teacher effectively teach (aside from poor parent involvement and now a complete lack of funding) when they now have to worry about parent revolts. This could turn into if I don’t like your teaching style, I’ll put together a mob to remove you.

    Insane!!! We need to neuter this guy in 2012 (earlier if possible). Where can I send money for a recall law and SB 5 referendum!!

  • Maybe, maybe not… but I’d give better odds that they will be white.

  • Hallccs

    Sounds like time to drop subscriptions to the newspaper.

  • I disagree with your interpretation of the Enquirer’s coverage. Here is a link to the “glowing report” you speak of.


    The story initially focused on the replacement, Debe Terhar, because she is from the Cincinnati area. It did not give her a “glowing report,” but simply provided her background and credentials and a brief quote by the governor about her appointment . Nor did the story ignore the controversy surrounding the resignation of Deborah Delisle. In fact, the entire second half of the article dwells on the subject, although not in as much depth as the Dispatch.

  • dlw

    Actually, it wasn’t that long ago that the state board was talking about this. At the time there were enough votes to keep it out. Now? Who knows what that vote would look like today.

  • irishgal

    I work at ODE and Deb Delisle is an amazing leader – this is a real loss to the state and the children of Ohio. I’m really glad that I’m retiring because I just can’t stand to see what this fool will do to Ohio.

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