A little while ago Modern wrote about the Princeton school district’s plan to put forward a tax levy to compensate for the massive cut in funding under Kasich’s proposed budget and to save important programs at their schools.

It looks like Gahanna already knew what was coming and they are planning the same thing.

This flyer was sent home with kids today at Gahanna schools that warns of the problems the district will be facing if they can’t pass a new levy to bring in new funding for their school. Without it they will likely eliminate busing for high school students, fire 50+ teachers, charge kids $200 to participate in sports, eliminate PE, art and music classes and dump honor and AP classes.

( ht meatstack for the document and info! )

I hope you see what is happening here.

Kasich promised not to raise taxes in his budget and by not raising state income taxes he feels like he can claim he fulfilled this promise. But his budget cuts 25% of state funding to localities and tons of cash to libraries and schools who need that money to run. The result, as we are already seeing, is going to be an increase in local taxes to pay for these services.

Fact: when John Kasich says he isn’t increasing your taxes he’s lying. He knows for a fact you will be paying more in taxes over the next two year. But since someone else at the local level is going to get blamed he just doesn’t care.

Gahanna levy threats