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No rush…

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Twenty-fours hours later and we’ve yet to see a single Republican publicly embrace Kasich’s “Jobs” budget.  Seriously, this is odd.  Ted Strickland would get some response from the Republican leadership by now.

Go over to the Ohio Republican Party website… nothing.   Nothing on their Twitter account, either. (The Ohio GOP website does show more opposition by its users than support for SB 5, btw.)  Nothing about the budget on its Facebook site.  No press release from ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine.

House Republican caucus?  Same thing.  Nothing.  Speaker Batchelder?  Nada.  Senate Republican caucus?  […]

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Last week FOP Lodge #9 in Franklin County withdrew its endorsement of Senator Bacon because of his support for Senate Bill 5.

We sat down with the President of FOP Lodge #9 Jim Gilbert to discuss the decision to withdraw the endorsement and about SB5 in general. Jim was fired up about the issue and shared a great deal of information and insight with us. This post covers the first part of the interview.

We started off the conversation talking about Senator Bacon and Jim reiterated the fact that during the interview process for their endorsement Senator Bacon […]

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Public Policy Polling, a Democratic, but well respected polling organization, today released additional numbers from their Ohio poll.  Their last poll in December showed freshman Senator Sherrod Brown in potentially deep trouble, running virtually neck and neck with a cast of potential challengers.

Brown, who in December was polling at 40%-43% given the GOP challenger, is now polling at the more comfortable 48%-49% range.  In addition, instead of the tied to eight point lead against the tested GOP challengers, Brown now sits on a comfortable and consistent fifteen to nineteen point lead.

The biggest casualty for […]

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Our companion blog, Ohio Budget Watch, has done an initial review of the Administration’s figures on “privatizing” and then “securitizing” the State’s revenues derived from liquor sales.

In short, it appears Kasich is proposing what is considered thirty years of revenue which based on historical data would amount to roughly over $6 billion for the price of $1.5 billion today.  He uses a third of that money, half a billion, to create one-time money to help balance the State’s budget, in return for denying Ohio a pretty reliable quarter of  a billion for the twenty-eight years after Kasich’s […]

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We’ve heard rumors about Kasich’s people running around town threatening everyone they talk to. Lobbyists, non-profits, business and trade groups. Everyone is being threatened. And it looks like state agency directors are no exception.

The Dispatch has a pretty good piece about Kasich’s thugs pressuring superintendent of education Deborah Delisle to write up her own resignation letter or else she’s be removed by the board.

Kasich, who has shown he’s more interested in political games than in actually helping Ohio’s children, has been working to get more charter school advocates (and tea party members) on the school board to […]

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A little while ago Modern wrote about the Princeton school district’s plan to put forward a tax levy to compensate for the massive cut in funding under Kasich’s proposed budget and to save important programs at their schools.

It looks like Gahanna already knew what was coming and they are planning the same thing.

This flyer was sent home with kids today at Gahanna schools that warns of the problems the district will be facing if they can’t pass a new levy to bring in new funding for their school. Without it they will likely eliminate busing for high […]

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