We have a lot of budget analysis on the way but one thought has been rolling around my brain for the past hour that I thought I’d share: Ken Blackwell in 2006.

Back in 2006 Ken had two big ideas: his tax and expenditure limitation (TEL) amendment proposal and his proposal to lease the turnpike.

The turnpike lease has resurfaced in John Kasich’s budget and, while it’s still a shitty idea, it’s much more likely to be implemented this time around. The TEL died back in 2006 when it was replaced with something called the SAL – the state appropriation limitation.

Ohio Substitute Senate Bill 321 “created a state appropriation limitation (SAL) for state general revenue fund (GRF) budgets beginning in state fiscal year 2008. The law represented a compromise between advocates for a tax and expenditure limitation (TEL), and legislators and a governor who were opposed to the TEL amendment.”

The SAL set a limit of 3.5% growth for the GRF budget.

According to the Dispatch “the state’s general revenue fund actually increases: 5.1 percent in the budget year starting July 1, and 6.3 percent the year after that”

The only way to get around the SAL is if the Governor declares certain emergencies or if the 3/5th of the General Assembly votes to exceed the limitation.

While Kasich rambles on at his town hall about the transparency and clarity of his budget, it turns out it’s really full of strange and magical calculations. Smoke and mirrors. And this is a perfect example.

Kasich lying to a room full of people doesn’t surprise me at all.

Ken Blackwell’s ideas still having an impact in 2011? Now that’s something I never would have predicted.