For two and half hours, Governor Kasich held a part infomercial/part Kasich talk show host in which Kasich, literally, asked his own Cabinet questions like “is my education plan ‘pie in the sky?’”

What was utter lacking is any reference to the actual figures in the budget.  We spent most of the time on the event fact-checking Kasich’s flowery talk with the realities of his actual budget on Twitter.   According to the Plain Dealer, of the 800 tickets made available for the event, only 100 was actually given over the “lottery.”  The rest went to friends and family of Kasich’s Cabinet, Republican party leaders across the State, and members of the General Assembly.  I got one, but didn’t bother going.  Watching the event online, I don’t regret my decision.

Kasich outright lied about his budget when it came to school and higher education funding.  He continues to act as if he’s not cutting BILLIONS from education.

Kasich literally filibustered his own town hall.  It was surreal.  By having one speaker after another talk polished up policy presentations without talking about actual budget numbers, you’d almost think that Kasich wasn’t the guy talking about a $8 billion deficit all last year.

Kasich literally parading one Cabinet official after another and asked them to give their Seal of Approval to his own budget… as if that were an achievement.  After two and half hours of non-stop self-praising, Kasich was talking, charitably, to a half empty hall.  People walked out.  People who asked for and got a ticket… left. 

By the time Kasich opened it up for questions, most people had tuned out.  Kasich, who’s press office said it would answer questions “until the cow came home,” ended the event after taking only questions for half an hour.

Here’s the entire questioning session:

I won’t deny that most of the questions were pointed.  There were questions about Bob Evans, STEM funding, Gifted funding, college funding.  Not really one self-praising question.  In the final question given by Rep. Connie Pillich (D) Kasich admits that OSU wants more room than a 3.5% tuition cap.  Kasich basically praises going to University of Phoenix, an online program, as opposed to brick and mortar colleges like his own OSU.

Kasich wants to have a University System… funny, Strickland started that very thing, but then perverts that into talking about charter universities.  Doesn’t talk about the cut in higher ed. funding… or what his budget does for financial aid.

After two and half answers of tossing his own Cabinet budgetary softballs, Kasich decided that half an hour of audience questions before concluding that the cows had come home.

I’m not sure what exactly Kasich achieved by this event.  I can’t imagine much of an interest to attend another one of these in the future.  Kasich’s presentation had all propaganda and style of a late-night infomercial.  Not surprisingly, it was about as factually accurate as one, too.

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