From the daily archives: Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fox News 19 in Cincinnati had the story tonight of the Princeton School District’s reaction to Kasich’s budget:

The Governor’s budget cuts tangible personal property (TPP) tax the district receives starting this year.  The tangible personal property tax is monies they receive from local businesses which accounts for 70% of the district’s funding.  The new budget phases out TPP tax starting this year meaning Princeton has to cut another ten million dollars from it’s budget over the next two years.

"We have to look at transportation, schools, how we operate, further staffing.  We have to look even deeper […]

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As the battle over Senate Bill moves to the house, we’re seeing more and more organizations coming out against SB5 and the politicians that are supporting it. Police and fire groups have been especially vocal. And now we can add the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police to that list as well.

According to the OACP, SB5 “will cause us more problems than it solves.” It is “not an improvement for local communities, officials, or policing” and it is “over-reaching” and “too extreme”.

Their full statement is available below.

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For two and half hours, Governor Kasich held a part infomercial/part Kasich talk show host in which Kasich, literally, asked his own Cabinet questions like “is my education plan ‘pie in the sky?’”

What was utter lacking is any reference to the actual figures in the budget.  We spent most of the time on the event fact-checking Kasich’s flowery talk with the realities of his actual budget on Twitter.   According to the Plain Dealer, of the 800 tickets made available for the event, only 100 was actually given over the “lottery.”  The rest went to friends and family […]

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We have a lot of budget analysis on the way but one thought has been rolling around my brain for the past hour that I thought I’d share: Ken Blackwell in 2006.

Back in 2006 Ken had two big ideas: his tax and expenditure limitation (TEL) amendment proposal and his proposal to lease the turnpike.

The turnpike lease has resurfaced in John Kasich’s budget and, while it’s still a

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Here’s a multiple-choice political question of the day:

How much does John Kasich’s State budget introduced today cut State general revenue spending from its current levels under Governor Strickland’s last budget?:

A) Around $8 billion.

B) Around $10 billion.

C) Around $2 billion.

D) It actually INCREASES State general revenue spending by 10%.

Answer after the jump.

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Governor Kasich did a complete snow job on the Ohio media when it came to K-12 education funding.  For days, several media outlets reported that Kasich’s education cuts weren’t nearly as bad as feared in education.  The “fear” was the expectation of 15% to 20% cuts.

This morning, the Columbus Dispatch actually reported that education might see slight increases.  Kasich, during his press conference, actually claimed his budget “increases” funding for K-12 and college education.

Except Kasich’s own budget document proves him to be lying.  Here’s the pages from Kasich’s budget dealing with the Ohio […]

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The answer, according the Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling (PPP), is: “Yes, Ohioans miss Ted Strickland very much already.”

In a hypothetical rematch, Strickland beats Kasich by FIFTEEN POINTS among registered voters (55%-40%.)  PPP pegs Kasich’s approval rating at 35% (only five points lower than yesterday’s U.C. Ohio Poll), but has his disapproval rating at 54%.

The main reason for Kasich’s unpopularity? Senate Bill 5. 

51% of Ohioans have a favorable view of labor unions in Ohio; only 37% unfavorable; When asked to side with the public labor unions or Gov. Kasich; 57% favor […]

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