The Columbus Dispatch may have unknowingly reported the biggest political story of the year.

Kasich’s budget and the tough measures it calls for has virtually nothing to do with the projected $8 billion deficit (which most people are finally realizing is overstated.)

The Dispatch reports that most of what is going to be in Kasich’s budget has been planned by Kasich and his closest political allies as early as January 2008.

image “Even if there weren’t an $8 billion deficit, we’d probably be proposing many of the same things.”—Gov. Kasich’s Policy Director Wayne Struble

In fact, the Dispatch reports that the projected budget deficit actually prevented the Kasich Administration from fully implementing the agenda they decided back in 2008… including Kasich’s campaign pledge to repeal Ohio’s income tax that has been all but forgotten by the Ohio media.

These people are professional liars.  Their agenda isn’t about the budget, folks.  They’ll even admit it on the record.

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