The Columbus Dispatch may have unknowingly reported the biggest political story of the year.

Kasich’s budget and the tough measures it calls for has virtually nothing to do with the projected $8 billion deficit (which most people are finally realizing is overstated.)

The Dispatch reports that most of what is going to be in Kasich’s budget has been planned by Kasich and his closest political allies as early as January 2008.

image “Even if there weren’t an $8 billion deficit, we’d probably be proposing many of the same things.”—Gov. Kasich’s Policy Director Wayne Struble

In fact, the Dispatch reports that the projected budget deficit actually prevented the Kasich Administration from fully implementing the agenda they decided back in 2008… including Kasich’s campaign pledge to repeal Ohio’s income tax that has been all but forgotten by the Ohio media.

These people are professional liars.  Their agenda isn’t about the budget, folks.  They’ll even admit it on the record.

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  • No, it isn’t about the budget. These people aren’t interested in governing, this is enacting an ideological wishlist, and the current fiscal problems give them cover to spin their crap as solutions. The only thing I can see as a silver lining, is that they are going to add boatloads of voters to the group already angry at them. People who could care less about unions are going to get burned.

  • clambake

    I’m just wondering why stop at the prisons and the turnpike . We have three Great Lakes governors that have an agenda that is decoupled from any budget realities.
    Why not work together to sell the Great Lakes? Surely there is a buyer out there for that most precious of natural resources. I mean, shale drilling is small potatoes compared to what we can get for water.

  • Terryclicksr

    its all about taking away the empact of the american middle class on politics.the next thing u no he,ll want 2 take away the voting rights of people making less than a million dollars.

  • KidneyBean

    We need to throw King Kasich in the lake.

  • Smith

    How are they professional liars? This is the platform he ran on. Get over it!!!!

  • phoenixmn

    The politicians have SOLD millions of good paying jobs to the highest bidding foreign lobbyists: jobs whose added taxes paid would have given Federal, State and Municipal governments a budget surplus, and negated the need to leap back-ward into the “Dark Ages”.
    So the proposal that they sell the Great Lakes to the highest bidder is quite likely, and by no means out of the question. Enough revenue could be generated to allow another “Corporate Welfare Program” (TARP)! And we could further reward the multi-millionaire incompetents whose acts have pushed our Nation to the brink of bankrupcy.
    China has recieved so much revenue via our exported jobs and their totally un-fair monetary valuation, I am sure they would love to buy the “Lakes”.
    Instead of plotting and scheming ways to down-grade or eliminate the middle-class, the politician would be better advised to concentrate on returning jobs to our Nation. Bring back a few million of our un-fairly exported jobs, and the necessity to steal grandpa’s $ 600 monthly pension check will disappear.
    Across the board cuts in pay and benefits will do NOTHING to address the under-lying Cause of our broken economy: that being millions of our good paying jobs have been un-fairly exported.

  • Anonymous

    Except he never said once in any television ad or during any of the debates that he’d: cut education (both primary and colleges) funding, cut funding for our cities, cut funding to protect abused children, revoke the right of collective bargaining for hundreds of thousands of middle class Ohioans. He didn’t run on a platform. He ran on a platitude: jobs. And this budget is going to cost people jobs, not create them.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of campaign promises… still waiting on my free college tuition I was promised by the Democrats…

  • stryx

    [citiation needed]

  • Adrienne

    Thanks for the info.

  • David from Hilliard

    My Mom used to tell me it was easy to tell the difference between the Democratic governor and the Republican:

    One will lend you a hand.

    The other will give you the finger.

  • Anonymous

    Because if he had admitted to any of his actual agenda items, he would never have been elected! He is a LIAR, Smithy so you get over it!!!!

  • Anonymous

    It appears the moderator is considering my reply which linked a website for me to provide a citation for you. President Obama promised a $4,000.oo college credit for all Americans, I guess you’ll have to google it yourself, sorry. Politicians shortened it to “free college tuition” because it sounded good, and people liked that. I can’t think of any politician who has kept his or her promises, if someone can please reply.

    My stance is that until we can all work together, cut out the sarcasm, and call out all politicians, they will continue to break their promises. We need to hold them all accountable, and let go of party loyalty if necessary. If a politician is using our tax dollars foolishly, doesn’t matter which party he/she belongs to, if we fight amongst ourselves, they get away with it.

  • What you fail to note is that there is a $2,500 effective credit. So he kept 62.5% of his promise, which likely was compromised due to Republican objections. The Brookings Institute calls is a “windfall to those who planned to attend college anyway”.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot recall any politician who promised free college tuition for everybody. Maybe some remarked wistfully that it would be a good thing, but no one promised this. The closest we’ve come in Ohio wasn’t Democrats — it was casino interests who tried to cloak one of their recent money-grab issues as ‘Ohio Earn and Learn,” promising scholarships for Ohio high school students. We weren’t desperate enough yet to pass that one.

  • Anonymous

    I respect your information. Unfortunately lots of folks heard “free” and voted based on that. The comment I really wanted to post hasn’t shown up at this point… that campaign promises are used to get elected, and all politicians use them. If you are going to hold Kasich accountable, then we should hold all politicians accountable, no matter what party. I think I’m finished here, btw, not sure I like how things post in this forum. Thanks for the links.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll hold Obama accountable for promising a $4k credit, but only getting a $2.5k credit passed, but that’s hardly anything equal to what we’re talking about. It’s a false equivalency.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll hold Obama accountable for promising a $4k credit, but only getting a $2.5k credit passed, but that’s hardly anything equal to what we’re talking about. It’s a false equivalency.

  • peach62

    They are selling the Great Lakes, just not all at once.

  • I deleted posts that look liked dupes. Sorry if one wasn’t.

  • herc

    See, the problem is, the kind of campaign promise you’re referring to is something that would help a large portion of the population. So, what ended up happening is they weren’t able to help people “as much” as they promised. The kinds of things Kasich is being called out for is complete 180 degree turns in his opinions and policies, which then HURT the majority of the population. They may all lie to get into office, but I’d rather take the guy that was just slightly exaggerating in how much he’ll help the majority of his constiuents instead of the guy who does a complete 180, completely screwing the majority of his constiuents in the process.

  • Anonymous

    No offense intended… I’m not accustomed to this type of forum, and thought I was perhaps doing it incorrectly. My main concern is the politicians keeping us at odds with each other, while they reap the benefits… Again, thanks for the links, have not had time to read them yet.

  • agree or disagree you’re welcome here. just no trolling or baiting. we’re happy to debate. 😉

  • KCJones53

    AMEN Linda, I cant believe the voters put this bunch of IDIOTS back in

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  • clambake

    He didn’t run on any sort of platform. Like the other poster said, he ran on platitudes.
    Mostly it boiled down to “the world of business has all the answers.” and “taxes bad.”
    He has been very vague on how ending the estate tax and cutting income taxes is going to solve budget woes beyond “people move to Florida (now there’s a state doing GREAT!) because they don’t want to pay taxes.
    I have yet to see any credible study of how privatizing public assets saves money. As far as the prisons go, that seems to me like they’re going to take money out of workers who would spend it in their local economy and funnel it to some sort of out of state corporation. Sounds like a real winner to me.

  • Smith

    Honesty has no agenda.

  • Anonymous

    Now we know why Lake Erie water levels keep dropping…damn you Canadians!! (in my best John Stewart voice)

  • AMS

    Has ANYONE heard anything about Kasich’s campaign platform “JobsOhio”? Of course not. That was all smoke and mirrors. This poor excuse for a public official has done more in one month to reduce the number of jobs that Ohio has or could have.

    I think I would rather see my taxes reduced by: Recalling the raises that Kasich gave his cronies when appointing them into Ohio’s government, stopping the funding of government’s lavish expense accounts, government provided vehicles, so called government meetings which turn into 2 and 3 week golf outings for the entire family, etc. Do Ohio’s residents realize that our tax dollars go to pay for our government officials’ hotel rooms, champagne, room service, transportation and gifts for their prostitutes? Happens all the time, folks.

  • AMS

    I seem to recall hearing something in Kasich’s campaign about his program/platform/platitude… whatever… called ‘JobsOhio’. Where did that little number hide? You are correct, modernesquire, the budget will increase the unemployment numbers of this state which will cost the taxpayer even MORE money. Not only that, Kasich has slit the throats of each school aged child and college student we have in Ohio and crippled the infants and preschoolers. Undereducated and jobless people are angry people – and believe me, they will be heard! We’ll just have to trust that the FOR PROFIT police and fire departments will handle the crowds and keep us safe from harm.

  • Anonymous


  • CAB

    No surprise here. The governor is a corporatist through and through. His background speaks for itself…. Lehman Brothers(where he made millions before they went bankrupt), and off to Fox Noose, to get free publicity for his run for governor. This man will do great harm to the people of Ohio, however, he will enrich himself and his cronie corportists.

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  • AMS

    I’m not sure I understand your comment, modernesquire.

  • deb

    All I have to say is, good luck with that Republican majority across the country, because even if the Republicans take down unions, they can kiss their asses good-bye in the next election. There won’t be enough Republicans in any state or DC to make a minority. Do you Republicans think that the few corporatons can stand against 300 million hard working American citizens with pay back on their minds? NO THEY CAN’T. I can’t wait for 2012.

  • Gbaumberger

    apparently you know very little of what you speak !!

  • Mvblair

    I heard that Kasich is opening up Ohio to oil exploration. (Clearly a political move for the “drill, baby, drill” crowd to say ‘hey, at least he’s trying to do something even if it’s ludicrous’). I want to know whether or not he will give away concessions to companies or charge for companies to look for oil or other energy sources.

  • Color me Surprised………NOT.

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