The Administration is backpeddling after an afternoon of press reports about the unprecedented restrictions they were trying to place on the media at tomorrow’s budget unveiling at 1 p.m.

Rob Nichols has told the Ohio Legislative Correspondents Association that video and photo cameras will now be permitted.  Audio recordings also permitted.

But as King John Kasich says on Twitter, calculators and last year’s budget as a comparison are still banned.

  • stryx

    At least now we’ll have pictures of the mirrors and smoke used to fill budget holes with onetimemoney.

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  • David from Hilliard

    I’m sure if he could, he announce the budget on the Sean Hannity program on Fox News – perfect setting, friendly audience, no hard-nosed reporters asking pesky questions, able to pontificate without interruption, and a sycophantic host who would roll his eyes on cue as he said, “John, you don’t mean to tell me public employees have actually been taking PAID vacations all these years on taxpayer’s money?”

  • Victoria_

    The King has an incredibly long learning curve. Why does he simply stop doing asinine things in the first place. He should learn by now that people have notice there is something wrong with him and are watching and reacting. He is so pitiful. Someone opened a twitter account named King John Kasich. Too great.

  • Remember in November

    Banning calculators should be a dead giveaway.

  • Littleguy

    He keeps doing them because John Kasich is stupid and incompetent.

  • M_hauenstein

    All I can say is he must be a slow learner. Did he learn nothing from his inauguration debacle with trying to keep out the press?

  • guest

    What is he afraid of? Is he ashamed? Hey what happened to openness? He is a “public” employee although he only works for rich people and big business; I thought he would be proud of what he has to say. What gives?

  • Kasich doesn’t seem to have much of an ability to learn… may be related to his irrational hatred of teachers.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    this is off topic — but remember when Kasich said Teach for America is coming here —
    you should see what the salaries and benefits are– and he complains about the teachers we already have –look up site below
    click on salary and benefits then click on See how your income and expenses will vary by region.
    this wont save any money that I can see –they do everything except hand feed them — seems like ( unless I am reading more into this than is there )
    gee loan forbearence , discounts , etc

  • missingtedalready

    a little off topic, but did anyone get tickets to the town hall tomorrow? I requested a ticket, and so did a friend of mine. Alas, nothing. Guess they checked our voting history!

  • Ingthing

    I wondered the same thing because the people I know who requested tickets that first day did not get them.

  • Yeah, he is apparently not proud of his math. Who gives a public official the right to ban a personal learning tool?

    Are there blueberries or whatever devices a person can repeat numbers into and have the computer do the math?

  • The Emperor should have no audience. Only his cronies. Listen on air and take notes on a laptop in almost real time.

  • stryx

    Yeah, Lehman taught their managers never let the mark use a calculator. Calculators are for closers only!

    Who wants to bet he says something along the lines of, Ohio do you want to keep your payments low or do you want to pay less overall?

    If he says he needs to talk to the Finance Manager, just get up and leave.

  • Annekarima

    He might prefer gossip of his actions that gets worse as it is repeated to unadulterated video and audio that prove what he did and said. Myth over matter and substance.

  • missingtedalready

    We also requested ours on Wednesday.

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