Last week, I mentioned that Kasich both said we can’t tax or cut our way to prosperity, which begged the question: what is then Kasich’s plan to develop more prosperity to all of Ohio?

Well, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Governor Kasich is expected to announce tomorrow that Ohio’s path to prosperity is to booze it up.  According to today’s Dayton Daily News, Kasich’s budget will essentially earmark profits from liquor sales for the State to fund RobsOhio.

Minus whatever is need to pay off bond debts that are presently back by liquor profits, this could potentially give RobsOhio $228.8 million in funding or the equivalent of nearly 29 Bob Evans relocation deals a year.

DUI Checkpoints What loses out from this move?  Just everything else that is funded by the State’s general revenue fund, and public safety and alcohol and substance abuse treatment programs.

Which just adds to Kasich’s anti-law enforcement/public safety record.  Kasich’s estate tax repeal will impact funding for local fire and law enforcement as many municipalities use proceeds from the tax specifically to fund those function.  Then there’s SB 5, and then there’s the expected massive, double-digit cuts to the State Local Government Fund (SLGF).  If Kasich does all that to take out his frustrations over one ticket three years ago on an entire public sector of our economy, imagine what he’ll do to the fast food industry when he finds out some kid spit in his burger?

Anyway, why should the State use money from liquor sales to combat substance abuse?  Kasich’s right!  Don’t you just see how that is counterproductive and cuts into the State’s tax base?  Instead of discouraging binge drinking, the State should encourage it as a way for everyone to do their part to help Ohio recover from the recession.

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FrankTheTank But besides this, what does this say about the credibility of Ohio Department of Director Mark Kvamme?  During the debate on HB 1, I saw several proponents of RobsOhio dismiss concerns about the bill by saying this was only a $1 million appropriation and that Kvamme testified repeatedly that the agency would eventually be self-funded by corporate funding.  Now we’re told RobsOhio needs under a quarter of a billion dollars in dedicated State funding?

Sure, it’s still possible that corporations might open up their pocketbooks to help fund Ohio’s corporate welfare corporation.  But as I pointed out in my testimony to the House, no other entity had become self-funding.  In fact, Indiana’s corporation reported receiving around $800 THOUSAND in corporate donations in 2009.

Every day I think about John Kasich being Governor, I admit I think of drinking entire bottles of bourbon.   Maybe Kasich is onto something here…

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