From the daily archives: Monday, March 14, 2011

The Columbus Dispatch may have unknowingly reported the biggest political story of the year.

Kasich’s budget and the tough measures it calls for has virtually nothing to do with the projected $8 billion deficit (which most people are finally realizing is overstated.)

The Dispatch reports that most of what is going to be in Kasich’s budget has been planned by Kasich and his closest political allies as early as January 2008.

“Even if there weren’t an $8 billion deficit, we’d probably be proposing many of the same things.”—Gov. Kasich’s Policy Director Wayne Struble

In fact, the Dispatch reports […]

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Starting tomorrow you’re going to hear a lot more about leasing Ohio’s turnpike. It’s going to be one of in Kasich’s budget proposal tomorrow and it’s going to receive a lot of debate for reasons that will soon become clear.

We’ve been covering similar proposals since 2006 back when Ken Blackwell first proposed it. And as we’ve said many times before: it was a bad idea then and it’s still a bad idea now.

As Modern and OBW both pointed out, it’s probably unconsitutional. It’s also “one time money” – something Kasich promised not to use to […]

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Kasich caves (again)

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The Administration is backpeddling after an afternoon of press reports about the unprecedented restrictions they were trying to place on the media at tomorrow’s budget unveiling at 1 p.m.

Rob Nichols has told the Ohio Legislative Correspondents Association that video and photo cameras will now be permitted.  Audio recordings also permitted.

But as King John Kasich says on Twitter, calculators and last year’s budget as a comparison are still banned.

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From the Ohio ACLU’s press release:

COLUMBUS- Today, the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio sent a letter to Governor John Kasich urging him to lift restrictions on members of the press from recording his announcement of his biennial budget on March 15, 2011. According to news reports, Governor Kasich will not allow members of the press to video record his speech or take photos. He will allow audio recording, but only to be used for fact checking and not for broadcast.

“ Ohio’s biennial budget promises to be one of the most significant pieces of legislation to come from […]

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Here we go AGAIN!

Yet again, we see the Kasich Administration demanding unprecedented restrictions on the press, but this time it isn’t the inauguration and its associated parties.  This time it’s Kasich’s unveiling of the State budget tomorrow at 1 p.m.

[UPDATE:] It gets better.  This week just happens to be Sunshine Week!

Just about every Ohio media outlet under the sun is reporting that the Kasich Administration is barring the media from taking any pictures or shooting any video from tomorrow’s budget event:

Spokeswoman Connie Wehrkamp says journalists can bring only pens, notepads and tape recorders to […]

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The University of Cincinnati’s Ohio Poll was just released.

It shows Kasich with a 40% approval rating (ten points higher than January’s Quinnipiac), but with 47% of Ohioans disapproving (twenty-five points higher than January’s Quinnipiac.)

Not since Governor Dick Celeste has the Ohio Poll registered a lower approval rating for first-term Ohio Governor this early in his term.   (Strickland polled at 68%; Voinovich at 61%; and Taft at 48%.)  Not since Dick Celeste in 1983 has a first-term Governor been under water in his approval/disapproval rating (32%/45%) this early in his Administration.

Kasich’s approval rating takes a jump […]

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From 2009-2010, John Kasich the Candidate loved to attack Governor Strickland over the use of “one time” money to balance the State’s budget, whether it was the securitization of the State’s tobacco settlement or the federal stimulus.

Kasich and his Republican allies claimed that any reliance on so-called “one time” money was wrong as it kicked the can down the road to avoid dealing with structural deficits.

Kasich’s budget tomorrow will propose something Kasich barely hinted at in his rambling State of the State address last week:  he’s going to consolidate a number of State agencies together along the […]

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Last week, I mentioned that Kasich both said we can’t tax or cut our way to prosperity, which begged the question: what is then Kasich’s plan to develop more prosperity to all of Ohio?

Well, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Governor Kasich is expected to announce tomorrow that Ohio’s path to prosperity is to booze it up.  According to today’s Dayton Daily News, Kasich’s budget will essentially earmark profits from liquor sales for the State to fund RobsOhio.

Minus whatever is need to pay off bond debts that are presently back by liquor profits, this could […]

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Don’t worry if you missed Kasich’s State of the State speech last week. It was basically a collection of the same speeches he gave during the campaign with slightly more name dropping, a lot more exagerated (or downright false) statements about Ohio’s economic “problems” and, though I didn’t think it was possible, fewer details about how he plans to actually correct the issues he just just spent 40 minutes complaining about.

Kasich did take a break from his rambling, Ohio-bashing statements just long enough to talk fondly about some states that he thinks don’t suck. States like Florida.

Ah, […]

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