(HT: Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper, Yost’s opponent in ‘10)

Pretty damning letter David Yost sent to get the Ohio F.O.P.’s endorsement last year:


That was, of course, BEFORE the election.

Here’s what State Auditor David Yost said at a Meigs County Republican event last week (Source: Pomeroy Daily Sentinel):

Yost singled out State Sen. Jimmy Stewart, R-Meigs, also at the dinner, supporting him on his recent vote to pass the controversial Senate Bill 5 through the Ohio Senate. SB 5 deals with collective bargaining rights of public employees. Stewart’s vote to pass SB 5 received applause from the audience.

“Politicians in Ohio have been making promises for decades knowing they can’t deliver,”  Yost said, explaining those promises have been made to unions and entitlement programs without proper funding.

Looks like the Ohio F.O.P. made the right call in NOT endorsing Yost last year.  (Source: Cincinnati Enquirer)

With Yost, [F.O.P. President Jay] McDonald said, “we were not completely satisfied with his attitudes toward collective bargaining.”

Yost said he has a “strong law enforcement record” and that he “really doesn’t have a record on collective bargaining issues.”

Yeah, their hunch was right on that one.  I seem to recall Kasich’s current deputy press secretary trying to imply that Kasich was this close to getting the F.O.P.’s endorsement during the campaign, too.  Bet he won’t be trying to claim that come 2014.

In talking with both Republicans and Democrats in Columbus, Yost is pretty much consider a dolt who will say anything to win over whatever political audience he has.

You think the F.O.P. will endorse Mary Taylor, Congressman Jordan or Josh Mandel over Sherrod Brown next year?  These guys have no clue how much they changed the political calculus in Ohio for the foreseeable future all due to one piece of legislation.

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