2 days ago Joseph posted about the FOP formally pulling their endorsement of State Senator Kevin Bacon.  Today another shoe dropped.  Jack Reall, President of IAFF Local 67 sent Senator Bacon his own letter.  I had the pleasure to meet Jack during my trip to Local 67 to interview General President Harold Schaitberger.  He was decked out in a kilt with utility pockets prepared to march on the statehouse.

Full letter:

Kevin Bacon, Senator
3rd District, Ohio Senate
Senator Bacon,

On March 9, 2011, the members of the Columbus Fire Fighters Union voted unanimously to rescind your endorsement for Ohio’s 3rd Senate seat. This decision was reached due to your misleading comments during our Political screening process and your subsequent actions conflicting with your commitment to our members.

During our Political Screening process, you were asked about your position on collective bargaining. Your response to our members was that you supported collective bargaining in its current form for firefighters. You further stated you were familiar with the successes of collective bargaining due to your involvement with the Westerville Fire Fighters Union as a Blendon Township trustee. Our members believed your commitment and voted to endorse you for the Ohio Senate, 3rd District.

Your actions in supporting and voting for Senate Bill 5 do not reflect the commitment you made to our members. We must hold you accountable for this lack of integrity.

In a further act of misinformation, you sent letters to my members today indicating that SB5 “does not eliminate anyone’s right to collectively bargain.” In fact, SB 5 strips the rights of almost one quarter of Ohio’s union fire fighters to collectively bargain by making it illegal for supervisors to have bargaining rights.

This is the first time in recent history that the Columbus Fire Fighters Union has found it necessary to rescind the endorsement from any candidate they have screened. It is unfortunate that we cannot count on our elected officials to uphold the integrity that is expected of them.


Jack Reall, President
Columbus Fire Fighters Union, IAFF 67
Supporting Those Who Support Us,
And Caring for All!

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  • This is great news. I think my favorite part of the letter was when Mr. Reall stated that “We must hold you accountable for this lack of integrity.”

  • Herc

    Excellently worded letter overall. Bravo! Also, bravo on doing the research and pointing out what this bill actually does instead of accepting the rhetoric and lies the Senator put out there as his justification.

  • Natasha

    Thank you firefighters, well done!
    Please don’t forget the GOP politicians who lied to screw you and the rest of the hard-working Americans who made this country great.

  • Actions have consequences.

  • EnLocoParentus

    So very proud of this decision! We support you!

  • Real Get Real

    Maybe we should put collectively bargaining up as a constitutional amendment in the 2012 election. Would certainly draw more Dems to the polls. Plus would ask Ohioans if they like education and public safety as much as gambling and casinos.

  • Bwg0412

    If we dont have our integrity we have nothing !!!!!

  • Random Thoughts

    I don’t know whether to be impressed or upset that I got the EXACT same letter as the CFFU.

    Methinks Senator Bacon is fried..

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