Pictured L to R: Bob Evans CEO Steven Davis, Governor John Kasich, and Ohio Development Director Mark Kvamme at Bob Evans after announcing major State subsidy to relocate Bob Evans’ Corporate HQ to New Albany from Columbus.

(Image Source: OHPressSec on Twitter)

Have at it.

  • guest

    I heart Bob Evans, and see I’m in a picture with a black man, two fer. I am so totally awesome!

  • Natasha

    Well John, Mark size matters, and I’ll have the pork.

  • Anonymous

    On second look, does Kasich look, um, how do I put this delicately, just a little too excited to be with a corporate executive?

  • Littleguy


  • Guest

    Looks like he is totally turned on. Prince John’s new nickname isn’t John, it’s big business’s new b****!

  • Hey Steve, can I get a ride back on the corporate plane to Southern California?

  • Anonymous


  • Jason M Sullivan

    If I move the HQ this much farther away can I have another million?

  • Oh now, Steve.. that’s a bit of an exaggeration. The package isn’t *that* big…

    (incentive package, that is)

  • Augustus

    Kasich: How much of a douche am I?
    Davis: This much!

  • MissGov

    Just having a good conversation on how to duck out without leaving the hard working waitress a tip!

  • Now I only have to drive THIS far to work!

  • Two Men and a Baby

  • Columbusite

    So John, we can get 4 million in incentives if we move our headquarters at least this far away?
    OK then double it and I’ll move it to my neighborhood!

  • Flyby

    After all that Union money you promised, I will have this much room left in my suitcase.

  • Rgtmwlly

    Quit keeping jobs here! Let them all leave the state like Strickland did!

  • Anonymous

    98% of the job losses under Strickland were solely due to the recession, not migration. Strickland also positioned the State to eleven straight months of dropping unemployment. We’ve never had as steady and dynamic of a recovery in Ohio as we’ve seen under Strickland last year. You need a new talking point, this one is worn out.

  • Anonymous

    You gave American Greetings 93 million, and I’m only getting this much??

  • clambake

    Our tax dollars went to Bob Evans and all we got was this lousy picture.

  • clambake

    Its true. Our food goes through you at “the speed of business”.

  • Real Get Real

    We not only serve pork, but we can whip up a bunch of bull.

  • “Good” breakfast might be taking it a bit far. 😉

  • We should only have to put about THIS much spin on it to make this look good.

  • Coleman Kane

    John Kasich, attempting to explain how Ohio needs to be more like Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada and Texas, decides to demonstrate with a smaller-scale example: A state incentive to help drive Columbus to be more like Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland, and Toledo, in response to the recently released 2010 census data.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    I was this close to a union person.
    Kasich- Gosh were you scared?
    Kvamme-Its ok we have called Gov Walker to remove them.

  • buf

    And if we put ALL public employees in this little box, we can crush them all at same time. Screw the workers, lets eat !!!

  • Rich

    Kasich’s thoughts: I wanna be tea-bagged by him I wanna be tea-bagged by him I wanna be tea-bagged by him…

  • buckeyekelly

    Davis: If you just have THIS much of your cabinet go tanning during the winter they’ll beg off the minority issue.

  • Anonymous

    We have big waffles. But no waffling, please! Just give me the money!

    John, this how big the lie was about moving to Texas!

    I was thinking about sausage, but if you want to give us that much money, Wow!

    People do get a lot of gas from our food. But if we can figure out how to do some “fracking”, Wow!

  • jposty

    Now Gove…. aah…John, I mean, you have to give it to Gove..aah..Scotty up in Wisconsin, has ball$ this big. You could have ball$ this big too!

  • Jen

    John Kasich: I love mingling with the common folk. Their sticky, crayon-colored menus and fountain drinks in plastic cups are so REAL. I love America!

    Mark Kvamme: I get to sit next to the governor! I get to sit next to the governor!

    Steven Davis: See, now, you need to order the Rise and Shine. It comes with breakfast meat, eggs, biscuits and whatnot. Mighty tasty, fellas.

    JK: This Rise and Shine sounds so rugged and all-American. Will the waitress butter my biscuits for me?

    MK: I’m sitting in a big chair without a booster seat! My new job is so boss!

    SD: Sorry, John. The waitress has fifteen tables to cover and pancake syrup to scrub out of the carpet. You’ll have to butter your own biscuits.

    JK: What?! You’re paying her $3.70 an hour, and she can’t take time to butter my biscuits? You’re getting ripped off, my friend.

    MK: Do they have French toast sticks?

    SD: Well, we can’t get around the minimum wage, John.

    JK: We’ll see about that.

    MK: Hellooooo…. French tooooooast stiiiiiiicks…

    JK and SD: Shut up, Mark.

  • Bob Evan’s CEO Steven Davis describing to “Governor” Kasich and unknown flunky the look on Columbus Mayor Colman’s face when Davis lied about moving out of state. Meal cost state of Ohio $75,000 and the wait staff didn’t get a tip.

  • Littleguy

    Davis: “So see John. It can be even better. Next week you give us another $8 million to move back, and you can claim double the number of jobs you have created.”

    Kasich: “Damn, that’s brilliant. Two times zero has to equal several thousand jobs. Just exactly how much would 2 times zero be Kvamme?”

    Kvamme: “Give me a raise and I’ll figure that out for you John. I think it is one job for every night you offered to sleep in the livestock barn at the state fair. And would you believe these SB5 protesters have the gall to complain about corporate pork? Let’em eat mountain oysters.”

    Kasich: “Come on Mark, you know I’m too high and mighty royalty to sleep with a bunch of kids and commoners in a pig barn. The only pork I like is the Lehman Bros brand! Ooops, slip of the tongue there Kvamme. It’s not pork we we give it to corporations. We only call it pork if someone wants to give it to the working man, or poor people to feed their kids. By the way Stevie, what are Mountain Oysters?”

    Davis: “After we move back next week John, can we get a third check if we then move back to New Albany?

    Kvamme: “Don’t see why not. After all it’s not my personal money I’m playing with. I’m just a high paid sucking leech consultant from California who gets to throw around the dollars of hard working Ohio taxpayers. Hell, I don’t even have to be legal to do it! When it runs out, since I don’t live here, I can just split. I mean this is just like getting comped at Vegas.”

    Kasich: “Well there is one difference. At Vegas you get laid. Here we do the screwin. And again, what about this mountain oyster stuff?

    Kyamme: “Trust me John, you don’t have any.”

  • Anonymous

    “Seriously, John, this is the size of labor union cahones.” “Please stop pissing them off.”

  • Lindalou50

    John to Steve… Do you think Kvamme should be in this pic? Steve to John…Well, maybe a little. I hate to get upstaged by two Repubs. who are getting tossed next election.

  • Victoria

    For the caption contest, I think I need to go with sausage humor even if its being overused:
    Davis: I’m boning Mike Coleman with a sausage this big!
    Kasich: That is really exciting!!
    As far as Kvamme’s role in all this, I think he is actually higher up on the hierarchy of our corporate overlords and the the other two are his puppets. so if he were speaking he would say: Excellent

  • Anonymous

    I decline your request to investigate the governor’s pants. We assume Kasich’s press office did since they released the picture in what had to be the most misguided press decision ever. They totally misread how this news was going to play in the public. They thought this would be seen as a warm victory picture. Unfortunately for them, most Ohioans don’t feel their part of the “victory.”

  • Can’t tip the fat-cat waitress with the taxpayers money!

  • Alarmar1

    $8 Million to move 15 miles….that’s $534,000 per mile. WTF?

  • Paco370

    And I’m telling you, we could serve bisquits this BIG if we had just a few more incentive dollars!

  • Decker

    “So, Governor, will all those unmarked bills fit in a bag about… this big?”

  • Josh

    “Say Governor, is that a Bob Evans Original Roll Sausage you got down there or are you just glad to see me?”

  • guest

    Mmmmmmm, I just luuuuv dark meat.

  • KSuck

    I recognize the asshole in the middle, but who are the cheeks surrounding him

  • Sarah

    Davis: “The way I see it, John, as long as the press is giving so much coverage to Japan, you’ll have this much time to ram SB5 through without any notice.”

    Kvamme: “Yessiree, boss, thanks to natural disaters like Walker and Japan, you’ll be able to backdoor ALL of our crushing ‘sledge-islation’. ”

  • ashamedIvotedforhim

    Davis: This is how big a foul stinking, suckerfish I just caught when I got you for 8 mil. SUCKER!

    Kasick: Duh, what’s that supposed to mean?

    Kvamme: Yeah, what he said. I’m with the big guy!

  • Adrienne

    SD: “Do I get to write this much off my taxes as well”
    JK: “No you can go way bigger”

  • Adrienne

    SD: “Do I get to write this much off my taxes as well”
    JK: “No you can go way bigger”

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