I can’t believe this man actually said this, but it’s true.  Just when you didn’t think this one press conference couldn’t find another delicious layer of FAIL like a Bob Evans open faced roasted turkey sandwich, it does.  Here’s Governor John Kasich in today’s Columbus Dispatch, justifying the $8 million in incentives that the State is giving to help Bob Evans move their corporate headquarters to New Albany from Columbus:

"You look at these articles here and you see how these communities [Ohio’s cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Youngstown] are devastated because people are leaving," Kasich said following the press conference. Why do we think they are leaving? Because they think they’ve got a better shot somewhere else. So we need to stop that."

He then cited this as why his Administration is helping Bob Evans… move out of Columbus.

Kasich’s claim that the Census data shows massive migration out of Ohio is misleading.  Much of the population loss he cited are people who moved from the cities to the suburbs and exurbs.  Cincinnati has lost more population to the surrounding Clermont, Warren, and Butler counties than to any State.

The only reason Columbus is gaining population is that it has annexed as the population spread out.  But that being said, Kasich next layer of FAIL is to then turn around and cite these numbers and the importance of keeping jobs in our major cities to justify the State helping a company move out of one of major cities.

Seriously, does the man know how to think critically?

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